Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 A New Beginning

Happy New Year to everyone.  As we start 2016 my husband and I spent New Years Eve going through our Gratitude Jar and remembering all of the blessings that we had during 2015.  It is so easy to remember all of the crap that happens each year, but remembering all of the good things is what makes you who you are.  Growing through the bad things and living your life through the good things. 

This gratitude jar sits on our buffet in the dinning room.  Each time something good happens, we have a blessing, or something we want to remember happens we write the date and the event down.  Then on New Years Eve we go through and take turns reading the events.  It is amazing how quickly you forget some really special events that have happened.  I encourage everyone to make yourself a gratitude jar and use it.  We are so blessed in our lives and those blessings make our life abundant.

This year I am serving as the Vice President of our quilt guild.  I am in charge of booking our speakers and workshops.  I have been hard at work getting things lined out for the coming year and hope that everyone will enjoy the mix of speakers and workshops planned.

I am especially excited to be welcoming Bonnie Hunter.....YES.....THE Bonnie Hunter will be here on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at our guild.  Mom and I are taking both of the workshops, Cathedral Stars and Scrappy Trips Around the World.  Bonnie is also doing her Scraps and Shirttails lecture at the guild meeting on Monday night.  EXCITED!!

Happy Quilting everyone,