Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year and Giveaways

Yes it is leap year happy birthday to all of you leap year day babies.  and let's celebrate with some giveaways.

Now here is the prize package I am drawing for:
  • A pair of hemostats- to help get stuff out of your machine or turning pieces.
  • 2 rolls of Quilt Time Savers Seamless Quilt Binding.  Each one will do a Queen or King size quilt 2 1/2" x 12 yards.  One blue roll and one green roll.
  • 15 zippers in various colors and lengths.  Remember that awesome drawer of zippers I bought a while back on ebay.  I love being able to go into the draw and pull out great zippers to make handibags out of.
  • And last a travel sewing kit.  It has prethreaded needles for that emergency fixes.  An awesome little tin when you are done also.

Here's how to enter my giveaway drawing. 
  • Follow my blog
  • Leave a comment about Leap Year Day
  • If you have a blog link back to this giveaway on your blog.
I'll draw for the winner on March 1st and post the winner.  Good luck.

Several other ladies are having giveaways.  Bonnie Hunter on her blog Quiltville Blogspot is having a giveaway to celebrate Leap Year Day also.  So run on over to her site and leave a comment,  you'll be entered into the drawing for prizes.

Pat Sloan is also holding a giveaway on her blog Pat Sloan's Blog.  Take a stroll over there and also leave a comment to register for her wonderful prizes.

Best of luck today in all of the drawings.  You can link this to all of your sites and encourage everyone you know to take advantage of this giveaway.

Happy Quilting,

Update on dad:  Had him back in the ER last night for urniary retention, had to change out his catheter again.  He was totally blocked and had no urine output all day!  Think someone would have noticed that!  O.K. that is the nurse manager coming out in me and I was pissed.  But things are better right now and I will move on to the next battle......trying to take one day at a time and that is hard for us type A personalities. 

Don't forget to enter the drawings.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thread, Thread, Thread

 Fabric and thread are one of the quilter's most favorite things.  And since receiving my Connecting Threads catalog I have been drooling over some of the newest thread colors.  They even put them into groups.  I am contemplating ordering some of them for my birthday....hehe.

I have the Pat Sloan classes coming up in a couple of weeks and we will be doing of course I need to add to my thread collection. (sounds like a good enough excuse to me to order some more thread).  Now  NO laughing allowed from my bee girls who have seen my thread collection already.  I know I don't "Need" any new thread, but just like that special piece of fabric we all want, how can you turn down these lucious colors of thread?

Update on Dad:
We got dad moved to NHC for rehab late yesterday evening.  Hopefully with 1-2 weeks of rehab we can get him back on his feet and moving again.  Pray that we keep him drinking enough fluid to keep that kidney functioning.  Mom and I are both exhausted and hoping that the physicial therapists can get him rocking.  Still some confusion at times but with all he has been through it is no wonder.  Heck I am confused at times right now just from exhaustion.  As a nurse it is so frustrating for me to be waiting for others to get things done.  I just want to do it myself and get it done.......very hard for me.  I've aggrivated my neck again this week pulling and lifting with dad, but I can't let him be dirty and wait for someone else to take care of it, so I do it myself.  Mom is not able to move him by herself so we really need to get some strength back for him.  His room mate at the center is 98 years old and a sweet little fellow. 

Back to work today in the ER.  Hope you can get some quilting in sometime today.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Out With The Old And In With The New

See this ruler........I bought this ruler when I first started quilting in 1992.  Love this 12 1/2 inch ruler for squaring up blocks.  

 Well I dropped the ruler and other day and broke two corners and cracked it across the middle.  I was able to get the crack back in line, but it still has two corners missing.  My dear husband tried for over an hour to convince me to just go get another ruler.  He kept reminding me that this poor ruler was 20 years old and I had used the heck out of it in those 20 years.  He's right but he just doesn't understand how special your rulers are to you as a quilter.  But after I messed with it for a while I finally gave in and admitted that my long time friend would have to be replaced.  I am so used to using this ruler and haven't really liked any of the newer ones that are on the market, but guess I will have to try some of them out.
I had to take some things over to my grand daughter the other side of Spartanburg so we made a buzz by Joann's.  This was my first time in this store.  Toooooo much stuff to look at...hehe.
I looked over all of their rulers and finally settled on this set of two.  Fiskars 6 1/2 and 12 1/2 inch square rulers. 
 Hopefully they will be my new best friends.
Update on Dad:
We are attempting to get him moved from the hospital to NHC for rehab today.  I've been to the center and gotten him signed up and his room is waiting on the hospital side to finish their stuff up.  Hopefully a week or two there will get him up and about again.  I've been making him exercise his legs in the bed inbetween his PT treatments at the hospital.  Now to get him up and moving again.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Article About Bonnie Hunter

This week I received my Winter 2012 issue of On Track! magazine from IMQA, the International Machine Quilters Association.  I have been reading it while at the hospital with dad.
This issue has a wonderful article by Linda Hamson, the editor of the magazine and Vice President of IMQA, about Using Up Your Stash. In the article she visits Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter's free patterns for using your scraps. 

If you've never visited Bonnie's website you will be thrilled when you do.  Run on over now to Quiltville and spend some time with Bonnie's scrap user's sytem and all of the beautiful patterns she has for your enjoyment.

Thanks Bonnie for all of your inspiration.

Happy Quilting,

Update on Dad:  Taking a few steps forward and some backwards.  We had gotten the catheter out and were hoping to go to rehab this weekend.  But found that he was not emptying his bladder and had to reinsert the catheter.  Started also with a cough so CXR is pending on that.  Hopefully no pneumonia setting up.  Trying to keep him moving those legs and taking those deep breaths.  Prayers keep going up for his speedy recovery.  Thanks for all the love coming our way.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Quilter's Are Very Resourceful

This is an update on everything.

I don't know about you but one thing that always drives me crazy when you are at a hospital where people are trying to rest is a squeaky door. 

Every time someone tried to just open the door and check on dad this crazy hospital door squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked, cracked and squalled.  Driving me nuts!  So what does a quilter do?
Monday I brought my sewing machine oil to the hospital and oiled every single part of the hinge.  Problem solved!  Now the staff can open the door and it doesn't wake dad up everytime they check. 

Tuesday was my friend Kim's birthday.  Hard to believe that last year on this day we were in Cosumel Mexico swimming with the dolphins and stingrays for her birthday.  Boy how time flies.  Roger stopped by the gift shop and found this pillow which is so fitting for Kim.
The back is fur covered the color of our cat "sissy" and the one on the front looks like her too.  It says "No outfit is complete without CAT HAIR"
Kim loved the pillow.

The PT girl and I were able to get dad up into the chair for about 25 minutes yesterday.  Jello legs for sure.  But he is up out of the bed.  Another miracle.  His appetite is slowly coming back and we are trying to get him to eat to build his strength.  Nothing makes you weaker than jello for five days and being sedated, especially at his age.  He was asking lots of questions yesterday about what happened and why he was in the hospital.  His short term memory is working as he can remember what he did a few hours before you ask.  Another great milestone in his recovery.  One week ago today we didn't think he was going to pull through this........amazing.......and I am so blessed and happy for his continued recovery. 

Now for UFO update.  Remember all of those cathedral window blocks I got made and in my ready bag?  Well I have gotten 2 panels of 14 blocks each completed while at the hospital with dad. I wasn't able to work on any of the panels pieces until Wednesday when dad's condition improved.  He was way too roudy before that to do any sewing.  We spent most of the time trying to keep him from hurting himself and in the bed during his confusion.  Amazing how strong they are when they are confused.  Now this picture was taken when I took them out of being rolled up in my ready bag so they are a little wrinkled but will flatten out.   These two are ready to sew together and add to to additional panels getting ready to be added to the "mother ship".  Mother ship is the term I use for the larger completed portion of the quilt.
Now I need to refill my ready bag and take with me today.  I love Pat Sloan's idea of having this "ready bag" in your car.  Don't know why I haven't done this before.  I always waited until we were going on a trip and got a bunch of blocks ready to take with me.  Oh well, now I am really concentrating on getting this quilt done and this UFO option is certainly helping.  I have a doctor's appointment myself today and will not get to the hospital until later today.  Mom is with dad there now.

I cooked chicken in the crockpot while I was at the hospital yesterday and made chicken and dumplings last night when I got home.  I'll take some to the hospital today for dad.  God's penicillin is what I have always called chicken and dumplings.  Nothing, in my book, gets you better quicker than chicken and dumplings!

Hope that you can work some quilting into your day today.  I have the list of my UFO's that I picked during the 12 tips printed and with me in my "ready bag" to keep me reminded of what I am working on getting completed.  Never hurts to remind yourself of your goals.  I have the material pressed and ready to cut for the borders of the patriotic quilt.  Another one of my UFO's are getting close to completion.  YIPPIE!

Happy quilting,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update On Dad

We have the full gammit of doctors consulting and hope they are all communicating together so here is their take:
Urologist....the plumbing is working. Meaning that there is a stent in place and a catheter in place to keep the kidney working and hopefully and urine draining.
Nephrologist-kidney specialist. His BUN and Creatinine are slowly improving. Still remain elevated but coming down slowly. Dr. Yu now does not think that all of the confusion is due to his kidney function. Going to consult neurology.
Hospitalist-medical management. Sodium up today so changed IV fluids, keeping antibiotics going due to spiked a fever last night. Continues clear liquid diet due to confusion...we've had every flavor and color of jello so far. INR 2.3 today which means blood is back to a normal thinned level with his coumadin. CT scan on Friday night was negative for stroke but concerned also about continued confusion.
Cardiologist-heart is still in sinus rhythm, no problems with atrial fib at this time. Continues on remote telementry to monitor that.
Pulmonologist-lung specialist. Dad started last night with wheezing. Started on breathing treatments, which really haven't changed the wheezing very much. He only starts wheezing when he gets aggitated and trying to get out of bed.
Dad still doesn't recognize mom or me today. Maybe neuro can shed some light....or not, we'll continue to take one hour at a time.
Thanks to everyone for all of the continued prayers and calls. Shelia

Happy Quilting,

Debbie's Guest Post

My friend Debbie from Stitchin therapy is a guest poster over at go over and read her wonderful post on color.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank Goodness For Family

Today has been another trying day. Dad has been very agitated today, hasn't recognized any of us, we finally had to sedate him about an hour ago. he's been pulling, toughing, and trying to "escape", I don't blame him for wanting to get out of here.
Kidney has started to function again and his white blood cell count is coming down which means the antibiotics are working on the infection. Now to keep the kidney improving and hopefully the confusion will clear soon.
Urologist said they will not do the lithotripsy for at least a few weeks. They want the kidney to have time to heal as much as possible and see if his mentation improves before they do the procedure. He has the stent in place to keep the kidney draining, so time will tell. So many prayers already have been answered and we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.
Thankfully I had prepared my "to go" bag of quilting. I am occasionally getting to stitch down a window or two on the cathedral window panels I just made up.

Happy Quilting,

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update On Dad

We've been at the hospital since Friday evening with dad. he is in renal failure and septic. Don't know at this time hownthings will turn out.
Realized last night that Roger and I had been up for 40 plus hours without sleep or food. Went home for a few hours of sleep and a shower.
We are back at 0500 this morning, they are doing surgery on dad's right kidney to see what is causing the blockage.

Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day Of Love!

Happy Valentine's Day
Off to work quickly but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day today.  Make sure you take time to tell those you love how much they mean to you.  I don't think we should need a special day to do that.  I try to make sure those I love hear it often.

My goal for the next few days is to get a border put onto the patriotic quilt, get the backing together and the quilt into the frame by Friday. 

 I would love to get this done and checked off my list by this weekend, binding, label and all!

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bee Night Fun

Friday night is Bee night and we always have a lot of fun. Roger insisted that I go this past Friday as it has been a VERY stressful week and he knew that I would feel better after spending some time with the girls.  He was right.

We started off at the Ghenghis Grill in Greenville.  It was packed but we found room to settle in and have some fun and great food.  We each were taken to the line of ingredients and given a quick overview by our server.  Then we each proceeded to fill our bowl with raw ingredients that would be later cooked and returned to us to enjoy.  Below is my bowl that I turned into be cooked.  I had sliced marinated beef, onions, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, broccoli and seasonings.  After your ingredients you chose your sauce.  I thought mongolian BBQ sauce would be good and I asked the girl behind the counter if it was which this chick said no.  Well let me tell you this chick doesn't do well with hot stuff and I am really a wimp with hot food......AND THIS SAUCE WAS HOT,HOT,HOT!!  I opted for fried rice to go with my dish.
 When you are done with all of your choices you are given a number and your bowl gets turned over to the cooks.
 I loved the cooking surface.  They had each dish divided with wooden planks.....kinda looks like a quilting pattern, dresden plate like.....hummmm
Someone at our table ordered an appetizer of edamame.  They were sauteed in olive oil and sea salt.  Tasty.
This is my bowl that I received back from the cooks.  Yum.....BUT HOT!  My poor mother got pretty much the same thing that I got so her mouth was also on fire. 
To cool off our mouths mom and I ordered the brownie to share....which came with ice cream......thank goodness for ice cream.  I brought the leftovers home for Roger.  I made sure to label it "hot stuff". 

After dinner we were off to Gina's for some bee fun.  I am working on my UFO cathedral window project as my take along.  I almost completed 2 full panels to add to the mother ship.  A lot of good quilting time.

Suzanne was quilting on her mystery quilt for the Foothills Piecemakers quild, Gina was working on a redwork piece, Mom was making yo yo's for a project, Sue was working on her take along project and Susan was hand quilting on a project from QSC english paper piecing wall hanging she made last year. 

Happy Quilting,

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Grand Parents Place

I am in the process of helping my dad and his siblings decide what to do with the family homestead.  We are going to sell the place and hopefully one of my cousins will be able to purchase the homestead.  I met with an appraiser yesterday to begin the process.  While he was taking pictures and measurements I was reminded of all of the wonderful times I had there as a child. 
The Adams homestead. 
Somehow it just doesn't seem the same now.  An empty shell of the happiness that once was there.  There are three large old pecan trees on the property and they have always put out tons of pecans.....many were still on the ground now.  There used to be a muscadine vine behind this pecan tree in the back but was cut down about ten years ago.  I can remember some awesome muscadine jelly granny Lena used to make.  There was also a peach tree that had to be removed due to storm damage.  I used to get in trouble for climbing up the tree to get to those wonderful juicy peaches.  I still love peaches!

The back of the property for the past 72 years has been a wonderful garden spot.  This is the first time in my lifetime that there is not a garden being grown there.  Guess I never thought I would see grass growing over the garden my papa worked so hard to tend.  Times change.......and we move on.  It is hard for my mind to comprehend that I am now one of the "older" members of the family.  (now that will make you take a step backwards!)
Hopefully next week we will have the process moving forward and get this completed and off of my list of items to do.

Off to see my bee girls tonight.  Need a little unwinding time.  We are meeting at the Genghis Grill here in Greenville to eat prior to going to Gina's for bee.  I've never been to a mongolian grill before so I think that it will be fun.  I'm off to pick mom up before heading over to the grill.  Maybe I can post some pictures later.  Hope all of the other girls are able to come tonight.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a busy and stressful week this week.  Working, going to Neurosurgeon myself, yada yada.....makes for a major headache and lots of stress. 
When I came home last night my wonderful husband had grilled steaks for supper and had me a wonderful salad ready....he and Whiskers (the cat) had also picked me some camelia's from my bushes and had them on the table........those boys sure know how to make a lady smile. 
Such a blessed woman!  My camelia's bloom 4 or 5 times a year and they are always beautiful.  I have the red ones on one end of our house and pink on the other end.  I've enjoyed them even when there is ice outside.....they just keep on blooming.  Amazing!

I decided to put my yellow braid quilt out on the sun porch to bring in a little sunshine right now.......I just noticed when I took the picture that I forgot to take down the fall quilt hanging over the sofa.

Hope I can do some piecing today.
Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wonderful Neighbors

Roger and I are so lucky to have wonderful neighbors all around us.  Yesterday Roger mounted a trailer tire for our neighbor Mark while Mark worked in the garage to fix something else on the trailer.  Just two guys doing guy stuff.....kinda like us girls quilting together.

Later in the evening Roger sent me a picture at work of something Mark brought over for us......
A dozen fresh eggs from Mark & Amy's chickens.....Yum, Yum.  Fresh eggs what an awesome gift.  They have chickens in their back yard and he says they get about 7 or 8 eggs a day they shared with us.

Off to work again to earn some extra for all the upcoming dental work.......So I'll be back home around 3:30 a.m.........sure hope it is a good night that goes by fast.  Tomorrow I see the neurosurgeon and dad has a cardiologist appointment so it will be a busy day of running from doctor to doctor.

Maybe tomorrow evening I'll be able get some stitches into some fabric.  Until then....

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Quilting Tool

Last night on the way home from checking on dad we stopped off quickly at Hancock Fabrics.  I purchased my newest quilting tool......
New Fiskars Rag Quilt Snips.  Remember my new leader-ender project is a Halloween rag quilt.  These will be used to snip the seam allowances so they will rag when the quilt is washed.
Suzanne taught us to clip close to the seam but making sure that we don't clip the seam itself.  This should turn out to be a cute quilt when finished.  Wonder how long it will take as a leader-ender project to get this done???

Off to work again, hope you can quilt some today.  My bee girls are off to our "gathering of the quilters".  It's an annual quilt day where quilters from quilds in the upstate get together for demo's and quilting fun.  I know they will have an awesome day.

Happy quilting,

Friday, February 3, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #12

Today is the last of the 12 UFO busting tips from Pat Sloan.  She is great at helping us find inspiration to get our projects completed.

UFO Busting Tip #12- "Have You Noticed"

Have you noticed most of the UFO's you have are for you?

Well my last tip is not earth shattering, but it does require you to make a commitment. 
A commitment to yourself to add YOU to the list of people who needs a quilt.

Many of us work best on a deadline.. you know...
"The baby just arrived.. 4 weeks early!"
"Guess what.. we just flew to Vegas and got married!"
"Can you do a quilt for our charity, which is next week?"

We quilters are enormously generous with our time. As my one friend said, we may not want to get rid of our fabric, but we'd be HAPPY to make you a quilt with it!
And why is that?
It's because Quilting,
making things,
and sharing what we have made feeds our soul.

It makes us whole, it gives us immense joy, and it is our hobby!
So... back to the first question..
Why ARE there so many UFOs for YOU? 
*** Your Assignment ***
  • Pick the top THREE projects that you want to finish for you (yes I like lists and I like THREE!)
  • Set a deadline of when they need to be done.
  • Do NOT move this deadline.
  • Do NOT take on other work that makes you MISS this deadline.
  • Now get the first of these 3 projects OUT where you CAN work on it. Don't leave it in a box under the bed in the spare room.  Put it front and center in your workspace
  • Now work to finish something for YOU!
I love Pat's advise here.  I am always doing for others and putting off doing for me.  So here are my top three projects FOR ME to complete:
  1. My Cathedral Window Quilt- I am currently working diligently on this UFO to get it completed.  You remember from a previous tip that I had cut all of the blocks and was sewing, turning and pressing them.  I am now sewing together sections to insert windows into.  My goal is to have this completed by August 1, 2012.
  2. My second "for me" project is my birthday memory quilt.  My goal to have this completed is October 1, 2012.
  3. The third "for me" project is my Kaleidoscope quilt.  My goal to have this completed is April  15, 2012.
Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me......FOR ME!
Now if I could just get rid of this headache things would be much easier to work on.  I am really getting "OVER" this headache crap.  I see neurosurgeon on Monday afternoon and hopefully she will be able to give me some helpful information.

On another note:  Dad back in ER this morning for possible DVT in leg.  Thankfully no clot, but progressing restless leg syndrome.  He is having such a difficult year and I hate that he is having to go through all of this.  Got to get him on a better path.  Mom is exhausted and trying to keep herself going also.  I'm making them a pot of chicken and dumplings to take down for supper tonight.  They always help me feel better.  Then hopefully tonight I can sew a few stitches....
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cold And Rainy Today--It's Groundhog Day!

"At 7:25 a.m. this morning, amidst mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the low 30's Groundhog Phil saw his shadow in the little town of Punxsutawney, Pa." Washington Post.

So to us that means that we are going to have 6 more weeks of winter weather.  It's not really been a bad winter here in South Carolina so far........hopefully it will remain mild.

Off to work today and working till midnight so no quilting for me today.

Hope you can find some time on this dreary rainy day to sew some stitches into one of your UFO's.

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #11

I am really getting excited about the classes we will be taking from Pat March 10th & 11th.  The Saturday class is her
"Wild and Free" - create quilts with personality  
The class is a 6 hour class.  Pat's description of the class is:
Learn Pat's tricks to "punch up" your applique quilt backgrounds. No more neutral tan or beige backings.  Bring on the Color and the pattern to make your quilts sing! Pat's classic and popular "Mama's Garden" is the project quilt.  Then we will spend the day making the most spectacular background for your applique.
Sounds like a wonderful class to me.  I really am looking for the inspiration to break out of having the same background for every applique section.  This should really help me break an old habit.

The second class  which is also 6 hours will be on Sunday afternoon.
"The Magic of EASY Machine Appliqué" - draw, cut, machine stitch, so easy anyone can do it!
Pat's description of the class is:
Fast, Fun and you learn ALL of Pat's tips for making soft fusible appliqué! In class you will create a sample to test  your stitching. She walks you through each step of the appliqué process, from cutting to getting a great size blanket stitch on your machine.  For your project select "Little Blue Bird" or your "Wild and Free" project (if your group is having both workshops).
I am looking forward to learning Pat's applique technique.  You can go to Pat's website and learn about all of the workshops she offers.  Maybe you can get her to some to your guild soon.

Now back to the UFO busting tips we've learned from Pat. 
UFO busting tip #11-Take What You've Got And Go

We all have them.
  • That set of blocks that never got increased enough for a quilt.
  • A single block or two from a workshop
  • a set of swap blocks that came 'out' of the swap due to color (or something OTHER reason)
  • or a group of blocks that you decided you just didn't like the fabric choices enough to move on.
You may even have a set of Dear Janes, or maybe just FOUR Baltimore Album blocks instead of 16, or how about that BOM project that you lost enthusiasum over?

There are plenty of opportunities for these blocks!
Option 1
Turn those small bits into other projects by looking at them with a critical eye.
  • Can you take the set of blocks and make a small wallhanging? Give it as a gift or use as a table topper?
  • How about taking blocks and making them into tote bags, or pillows?
  • Several blocks set side by side make awesome table runners!
  • Turn the blocks on point and make a LARGER quilt with fewer blocks... set with alternating fabric squares and magically an even Bigger quilt appears!
  • How about placemats, coasters, hot pads? 
Lots of these project can be converted and called D-O-N-E and even GIFTED! Gotta love it!

If you love the blocks but don't really feel like doing the rest.. DON'T!!  Permission granted. ...
((I Shelia like to interject here that there really are no Quilt can do whatever you want to do with what you have in your quilt kingdom.  You are the Queen of your quilt castle!  So if you decide to make a pillow out of an orphan applique or pieced block it is perfectly legal....there will be no quilt police to arrest you.) 

This is a set of my blocks and bits from 2 round robins, a gift and another random bit.
I may still set them together..or I might take parts and give them homes as other smaller projects!

Option 2
Now hang in here with me.. this is really quite an awesome option! Take a group of our blocks and challenge yourself to set them in a sampler.
Really.. this can be SO FUN! Here is what you do
  • Find fabric that ties the blocks all together color wise.
  • Put them up on your design wall
  • Now lay them out in a pleasing manner in rows or columns (or more complicated settings but this works great)
  • If some blocks are too small do a sashing all around them.. get the rows or columns so the blocks are the same width or height to be sewn side by side
  • Pick a sashing size (or not!)
  • Sew the rows or columns
  • Border it and there you go.. a 'free' quilt of blocks you have already done
This antique quilt was done in this manner (I like to think!). It is one of my 'true' treasures.. I love what the maker did! She used random blocks... and then controlled the color. Mostly blue, gray and cream. But she has some red blocks, some lavender & Pink fabrics... along with a bit of brown.
A lot of my friends are good at putting blocks into columns and make wonderful quilts.  This is a technique that I need to perfect and get somemore projects done.  This will definately be one of the techniques I will use as I progress past the first six projects I have slated to complete.
Look at that triangle. I bet she was learning how to do this and had this one block
what do you think? 
Oh... see that tan triangle over the black/white ticking?
It's appliqued!
*** So what can YOU do with is tip??? ***
Take a look at your UFOs in progress. 
See if you can find some blocks to either re-purpose or to use in a 'sampler'
So Pat has given us some wonderful ideas here to help finish our stash of UFO's, just one more of her tips to go............Hope you are working along with us in getting your projects completed.

I'm off to work and then the dentist today (YUCK!).
Happy Quilting,