Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's the picture of Roger's mustang after his and Haley's accident. He sure is heartbroken, but thankfully they are both o.k.
I was able to spend some time sewing with mom and my bee girls this weekend.
Yesterday Roger and I were pretty much couch potato's. I think the trip and coming back to work finally hit home. We were both just tired yesterday. We watched TV and spent time together.
Hope you have a great quilting day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to the real world

O.K. I admit I was very spoiled having 7 days to quilt and play. Now it is back to reality and work!! :(
Roger and I had to return to work on Tuesday and yes it hurts.
Yesterday my mom came over and sewed on a project all day. She and dad are attending their 55th High School Reunion tomorrow. Wow, that is saying something.
Last night some of the bee girls came over. We laughed and giggled all evening and looked at pictures from MQS. What wonderful quilts and details. I am still in overload at all that I learned while at the show and classes. So today I am trying to use the information I learned about setting up your longarm machine to check everything and see that it is all square. That means that all of my leaders etc., will be redone to assure they are square and parallel with my take up poles. So fun today and hopefully at the end of today I will have a "Hip to be Square" longarm setup.
Had a major scare last evening when we received a call that our oldest grandson and grand daughter had been in an automobile accident. Thank you Lord for bringing them both safely out of that accident. My grandson is broken hearted to see his precious mustang crunched!
Thankfully they both came out with only some airbag abrasions and sore muscles.
Happy Quilting,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Memories of Trip to Overland Park Kansas and MQS Showcase

Roger and I at Wild Wings in Overland Park, Kansas enjoying the great food.

We really had a great time this past week, except for the Tornado's that passed through the area. But we were able to keep on our schedule despite the weather.
Caddy & Cakes by Janet Fogg
was chosen as Viewer's Choice at MQS
Of course Roger loved this quilt. It is bed size and beautiful. It was a while before we realized that the caddy was sitting on a cake stand. It is beautiful and very detailed. You can see some of the detailed piecing and quilting below. Just Beautiful.Amazing that it is a quilt. Roger and I both voted for it as viewer's choice, so I was tickled that it won.
We saw some beautiful countryside during our trip to Kansas and returning home to South Carolina. On the way home we stopped in Metropolis, Illinois....oh yeah.....the home of Superman!!

Can you believe that we had to wait in line to get a picture!! What a hoot.
Here's my own personal Superman!!
But wait.......did Superman just get a 911 call? Ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound....he he he.

Happy Quilting for another day. I will try to post more pictures as time allows.


We're Home

We are finally home from our awesome trip to MQS. We dodged all the tornados and rain to make it home. Whew what a stressful drive home, but we made it without incident!
Now to unpack, wash clothes, go through the 624 e-mails and 92 voice mails awaiting us, not counting the box of snail mail waiting on us.
My two babies, sissy and whiskers were sure glad to see us get home. I received a "present" from whiskers this morning.......he thought mommy needed another present! Oh well, they sure missed us.
Good to sleep in my own bed again.
I have tons of pictures once I figure out how to download them from the SD Card.... technology!
Hope you have a great quilting day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nine Down 5 Classes To Go

It's hard to believe that I have already taken nine classes here, but so much information. I can't believe everything I have already learned about my machine and just quilting in general.
My next class today is on Bindings, Borders & Sashings, and I am sure I will learn alot in that class also. After lunch I have Tips, Tricks & Tools of the Trade which should be fun. Later this afternoon I have Walking Borders, Shashings and Such which will also be packed full of information. Then tonight we have the banquet with Kay England as the Key Note Speaker, she is going to be talking on Quilter's Memoir's.
Roger and I made another run through the vendor mall yesterday......oops.....did I miss that thread booth before, oh well, guess I will have to get that color also...he he he.
The quilt show is just unbelievable! The workmanship in the quilts, the color choice and patterns leave so much to learn from just studying what the artist did.
I am looking at everything around me differently now, carpets, signs, paintings, building designs, all of these give quilting ideas that I have never even considered when picking a pattern to quilt. My sketch pad is full of fun stuff.
We ate at Le Peep restaurant yesterday morning and it was delicious. Can't believe that I only have a day and a half left of the show and classes. Then we head back home to put everything into practice.....and of course return to work :(
We were able to find a pair of Z-Coil sandles for me yesterday, wearing a size 6 is difficult to find shoes, but they found me a pair in Missouri and are shipping them to my house....yippie.
I'll have tons of pictures when I return.
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Awesome Adventure

This has been an awesome adventure at MQS. Seven classes down so far and I have learned so much information. Many things I wish I had known when I purchased my longarm machine. So my advice to anyone purchasing a longarm is to take some Longarm classes prior to purchasing your machine. I have had hands on classes on 3 different machines so far; Handi Quilter, Gammill and A-1. Each had it's differences, but all in all, they are all longarm machines. I now feel so much more comfortable with my machine and how to keep it sewing at it's best. After using the other machines I now am glad with the decision to buy the machine I purchased. My "sweetpea" is truly a sweetpea.
All of my instructors have been wonderful and have given so many tips and techniques. I can't wait to get home and begin trying new things and perfecting old techniques.
Last night was the shopping frenzy........crazy, crazy, crazy. I purchased tons on new thread, some rulers, bobbin winder, needles and a new bobbin case for my machine.
The "solving your tension headaches" class was unbelievable. I learned so much about just how the machine makes stitches and all of the things that can cause tension problems. I also learned a protocol for solving your tension problems, as a nurse protocols are how I think, so having this information is invaluable to me.
Tons of people here and many wonderful quilter's that I met in my classes, many of us are taking the same classes, so we get to see each other multiple times.
This morning Roger and I are going to breakfast at Le Peep restaurant, so the peep is eating at the Le Peep restaurant!! he he he
We are going to the Quilt Show section this morning to see all of the beautiful quilts, take tons of pictures and study the techniques used by the quilters. This afternoon I have two more classes which will be more great information to absorb.
Have a great day and Happy Quilting,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Toto We're In Kansas"

"Follow the yellow brick road"--We're in Kansas and having a great time. My Machine Quilting classes start at 8 a.m. tomorrow and I am very excited. Tomorrow is my longest day with classes from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.
I Have spent part of the afternoon getting all my things lined out for classes tomorrow. I can't post pictures from here, but I'll post some when we return.
We are actually in Overland Park, Kansas. When we arrived Friday night, so did a cold front. The temperature went from 76 degrees to the high 30's with 35 mile per hour winds.....burr. Of course we only brought summer clothes. So yesterday we found a walmart and bought coats. Who would have thought they would have frost here this morning! Oh, well, nothing is going to dampen my fun.
Overland Park is a beautiful place, some stores are hard to find because they make everything estetically pleasing, which means everything blends in. A McDonald's doesn't look like a McDonald's until you get right up to the door and see the arches on the door. Difficult to find, but beautiful country.
I'll try to update my blog with events and happenings here as the week progresses.
Hope you're having a GREAT Mother's Day!!
Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We leave tomorrow morning for Overland Park, Kansas. I am still trying to get all the last minute details done before we leave. Another crazy day yesterday in the ER. I had exposure to Meningitis and had to take prophylaxis treatment along with 10 other members of my staff. YIKES!
But thankfully you have 24 hours to receive the treatment. I was able to arrange for all of us to get treatment prior to leaving the ER.
I can't wait for work day to be over. Just a few more hours and we will be on our way.
As I keep reading over the class descriptions I am so excited at the information I will be exposed to and the talented women and men who will be teaching the classes. These are internationally known teachers who have won numerous awards for their quilting. My prayer is to learn one new skill from each of them which will enhance my quilting experience.
Here are some of the classes I'll be taking:
"But Wait There Are More Backgrounds" being taught by Cathy Franks.
"Whimsical & Funky Feathers In The Box-No More Dilemma 'how do I quilt this?'" being taught by Irena Bluhm
"Fearless Beginning To Longarm Quilting" being taught by Pamela Clarke
"Create Exploding Texture" being taught by Judy Woodworth
Just For You at Home Quilters-Take it to the Next Level" being taught by Judy Woodworth.
"Solve Your Tension Headaches" being taught by Rick Taylor
"Hip To Be Square" being taught by Renae Haddadin
"It's More Than Just Edge to Edge!" being taught by Kim Brunner
"Get Creative With Gridwork" being taught by Gina Perkes
"Brillant Bindings" being taught by Debbie Wendt
"Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade" being taught by Bonnie Bosman & Carole Wilder
"Walking Borders, Sashings & Meanderings" being taught by Sally Terry
Banquet Key Note Speaker Kaye England-"Memoir's of a Quilter"
"Running Threads- Learning to Fine Tune" being taught by Sally Terry
"Stunning Sashings" being taught by Sue Patten
So as you can see I have a lot of information coming my way.
Happy Quilting,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Days and Counting!

Only 2 more days to work including today. So much to do and so little time left.
Today is full and I need to finish packing, washing etc. tonight if possible. Lots to get ready for my classes. Don't want to forget anything, but if I do I think one of the 250 vendors will surely have a replacement. he he he.
Happy Quilting,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Only 3 days to go

It's hard to believe that in 3 days we will be on our way to Kansas. We started packing yesterday and running errands that we needed to do prior to leaving.
We purchased a GPS for the trip also. Garmin Nuvi 205W is the one we bought. We have been using it around town to get used to it. Seems to do great. Looking forward to using it on the tip.
I purchased a new camera, a smaller one. Our old camera was great, but big and bulky. I've wanted one for a while now, so decided that this was the perfect time to get a new one. This is a picture of the camera, although my camera is black.......but I did get a pink carrying case....he he.

Our oldest grandson- Roger III was in a play at school yesterday. "Sweeney Todd". We went to the last showing and they did a great job. Exciting to see him interested in theatre. Way to go Roger!!!
Better get to work now....only 3 days including today to work before we leave. Roger and I are both getting excited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleep? Who Has Time To Sleep!

Time is flying by and we only have 4 days left until we leave for MQS and I am working 3 of those days! So today is packing day.
So much to cram into this day.....packing, washing clothes, arranging for cat sitter, checking on parents, and our oldest grandson came yesterday to invite us to his play at school tonight. He's in Sweeney Todd. So that takes a hunk out of the afternoon. We will have to be at the school by 2:30 p.m. and it is a 3 hour play he my grands! Can't wait to see him in the play.
So 0420 I'm out of bed and working on my list of things to pack for all of the classes. Feeling a little overwhelmed at this moment, but sooooooo excited. I want to be able to absorb as much information as possible during each of these classes so I can apply it to my quilting when we return.
The vendor mall is going to be packed and I am anxiously awaiting the shopping trip. I'll take pictures to post when I return.
Better get packing.
Happy Quilting,