Thursday, May 13, 2021

Escape From Reality..........

the View From My Scrappy Mind!

My newest lecture and trunk show happened last night at Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild in Mauldin, South Carolina.  It was great to get to speak to the 47 members and 2 visitors about using scraps in your quilts and systems used for storing and sorting scraps of fabric.

 Our world is a crazy place right now and quilting has always been my refuge from the stress of everyday life.  As a nurse for 33 years, I deal with life and death on an ongoing basis so having a way to escape from that stress is essential to my sanity.  My quilt studio is that escape.  Being able to go into the studio and immerse myself in fabric, patterns, and projects is a true blessing.  Do you have an hobby that you too can escape from the daily stress of life?

I always enjoy getting to speak to quilters about my love of the process of making a quilt.  I believe everyone should quilt!  

As Jenny Doan says, A quilt is such a precious gift.  It represents so much time and care.  When you wrap up in a quilt that has been made just for you, it is as if each stitch is there to remind you that you are loved!  I hope you have many opportunities to experience the magic of giving and receiving such a precious handmade gift.

Recently my cousin Brad who is having health issues asked me if I could make him a Clemson Tigers quilt, as he is a huge fan.  I was able to make him his quilt and get it to him.  His joy in receiving it was priceless.  I know that when he is wrapped in his quilt he knows he is loved.

I used a hand guided Puppy Paws panto by Jessica Schick which I ordered from Urban Elementz for the quilting.  I also used a variegated thread for the quilting.  It turned out great!

Another day in the life of this quilter.  

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, March 20, 2016

On My Design Board Today

Finished quilting mom's 9-patch variation today and now on to the binding.  So I have moved on to another project.

On my design board today is my brights 9-patch quilt.  Think I have enough blocks pieced so now moving on to piecing the top.  Love the brights.

 So what is on your design wall today?

Happy Quilting,

Friday, March 18, 2016

An Unexpected Day Off

As a nurse I usually work Monday-Friday so I rarely have a Friday off, but today was an unexpected gift of being flexed off work due to low census!!  So what do I do?

I'm loading a split 9-patch variation that mom pieced into my frame to quilt.  I spent the morning cleaning my long arm table and rails, cleaning my machine and giving her a good oiling.  Warmed her up then loaded the quilt to get started.  This maintenance takes times but it pays off in a smooth running machine.  "Sweetpea" loves her maintenance and rewards me with some great quilting.  This is a top that I will be using in a lecture I will be giving later in the year.  

Just being in my studio is uplifting.  I have some music playing and all is well!

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bonnie Hunter

Most of you, if not all of you, know Bonnie Hunter from  She has been an inspiration to me for many years and in that way has inspired my mother also.  I remember the first time I mentioned to mom that I wanted her and me to do one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts, mom was a little afraid that she could not do one, but I persevered, cut her pieces and off she went......and she has not slowed down since!!

In January my quilt guild had Bonnie come and teach two classes and a lecture/trunk show.  I was thrilled and quickly signed myself and mom up for all of the classes.  

On January 9th we took the Cathedral Windows class with Bonnie.  What fun!  We had a full day of piecing, laughing with Bonnie and all of the ladies from the guild who attended.

On January 10th mom and I took Bonnie's Scrappy Trips Around The World class.  Now this one was right up my mom's scrappy alley.  She loved this class.

Below is a write up  that Bonnie put on her blog about mom.  Precious!

Some Very Betty Show & Share!

I want you to meet BETTY!

Betty is shown on the right, next to her daughter Shelia, and between the two of them they are quilting up a storm in South Carolina.

From what I’ve been told, Betty WEARS OUT sewing machines with all of the beautiful work she does, including featherweight motors!

She is a power house of productivity, and everyone knows that Betty will take any and all fabric strips and strings and sew string blocks to her hearts content –with all of the blocks being made into quilts for local charities such as habitat for humanity.

The world definitely needs MORE Bettys!

Last night after my presentation with the Nimble Thimble quilters in Mauldin, Betty brought up FIVE beautiful quilts for show & share that she has made from my designs.

And let me tell you also – Betty does not do ANYTHING on a small scale!

Take a look:

Betty and Texas Braid

She has a beautiful sense of what works when working with scraps – I think I’ve met my match!

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling!

And Celtic Solstice with a smile!

If you are looking for the pattern for Celtic Solstice, it’s found in the Digital Downloads section of the Quiltville Store.

Wait, Betty!  Come back here!

I’m not done with you yet!

Betty’s lovely Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

And to the oohs and ahhhs of the crowd -
Betty’s Orca Bay also from String Fling!

Check out the back:

Fishies!!  So awesome!
Betty, it was just wonderful meeting you and getting to spend the last 3 days with you and your guild family here in South Carolina.  I can’t wait to come back and see what you have sewn since I left!

There are many other wonderful show & share photos in the slide show.  And be on the lookout for Connie's  completed Allietare top which made an appearance!  It's wonderful!

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for such a sweet write up about my little mama.  Mom just turned 80 on March 5th and she loves following your blog.   Quiltville Bonnie's Blog 

Happy Quilting everyone,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Learning To Listen To Your Quilts

Today I got to spend the morning in class with Karen Kendo who was teaching us how to "listen to our quilts". 
Awesome to see see her beautiful work and get reminded how to look at each part of the quilt and see what is needed to bring that quilt to life.
Since I began my long arm journey in quilting I have loved learning all of those "tips" that help you decide how to quilt a certain quilt.   Karen is an accomplished quilter who has a giving heart and shares her knowledge with others.  Thanks Karen for a wonderful evening lecture at our guild last night and a wonderful workshop today.

Happy Quilting,

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 A New Beginning

Happy New Year to everyone.  As we start 2016 my husband and I spent New Years Eve going through our Gratitude Jar and remembering all of the blessings that we had during 2015.  It is so easy to remember all of the crap that happens each year, but remembering all of the good things is what makes you who you are.  Growing through the bad things and living your life through the good things. 

This gratitude jar sits on our buffet in the dinning room.  Each time something good happens, we have a blessing, or something we want to remember happens we write the date and the event down.  Then on New Years Eve we go through and take turns reading the events.  It is amazing how quickly you forget some really special events that have happened.  I encourage everyone to make yourself a gratitude jar and use it.  We are so blessed in our lives and those blessings make our life abundant.

This year I am serving as the Vice President of our quilt guild.  I am in charge of booking our speakers and workshops.  I have been hard at work getting things lined out for the coming year and hope that everyone will enjoy the mix of speakers and workshops planned.

I am especially excited to be welcoming Bonnie Hunter.....YES.....THE Bonnie Hunter will be here on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at our guild.  Mom and I are taking both of the workshops, Cathedral Stars and Scrappy Trips Around the World.  Bonnie is also doing her Scraps and Shirttails lecture at the guild meeting on Monday night.  EXCITED!!

Happy Quilting everyone,