Gallery Of My Past Quilt Projects

This is some of the quilts that I have made in the past.  I will continue to add to this page as I get them uploaded to my computer. 
This is a patriotic quilt I made for my uncle Virgil Adams, but he passed away before completion.  I gave it to his son Jason in memory of his father.
This quilt was one made for the Quilter's Of South Carolina President's Challenge in 2010 which had to do with Menopause.  My entry is :"7 Menopausal Dwarfs".  I transferred a cartoon onto fabric and colored with fabric pens.  Love the dwarfs.  It traveled the state for a year doing many exibitions during the travels.  She now hangs in my studio.
This is my "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" quilt from 2012.  I used a Bonnie Hunter Pattern, Texas Braid.  This quilt went together so quickly.
This is my "Kaleidoscope Dreams" quilt which I started in 2002 and finished in 2012.
This quilt is in remembrance of my 1st scuba diving trip in Hawaii in 2005.  It won a 3rd place ribbon in the 2005 Aunt Het Quilt Show.
This quilt was just playing with miniature blocks that finished 1/2 inch to see if I could do a body shape.  Made in 2006.
The following is "I'll Get You My Little Pretty" which was made for a Wizard of Oz challenge in 2006.  She won a 3rd place ribbon in the challenge and a 3rd place ribbon in the Aunt Het Quilt Show in 2006.
This quilt was from a class I took on water color quilting.  It won a 4th place ribbon in 2005 Aunt Het Quilt Show.
This is mom's Turning Twenty quilt.

This quilt I wanted to make for years but could never find a pattern that I liked, so I made my own pattern and this was the result.  Again a 3rd place ribbon in the 2007 Aunt Het Quilt Show.  "My Christmas Puzzle".  I wanted to remember all the times we worked puzzles with mom as children.  Love the end result.

This is mom UFO Challenge from 2007.  Named "My Alien Shenanigans".  She won 1st Place in the Challenge and a 2nd Place ribbon in the 2007 Aunt Het Quilt Show.

This was my UFO challenge from 2007 named Alien Visitors 
Pink and Brown Stripy quilt.  1800 Pattern with alterations.  "The Best Things In Life Are Chocolate".  Completed September 2013.

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