Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corn & Beans Border

I've been working on the corn & beans block quilt a few minutes here and there.  I was able to piece some of the border pieces while watching the college world series with Roger.  I used my featherweight to piece the border.
 Here I am laying out a piece of the border to see how it is going to look when applied to the quilt center.
 I think I am going to like this border.  It should allow me some room to put some pretty feathers down the side of the quilt.
 And of course,  you just can't turn your back for even a minute or someone will be having a blast with your quilt.  She just couldn't help herself!!
Back to work now.  I can't believe that tomorrow is already July 1st.  How can time pass so fast?
Happy Quilting,

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Sunday Fun

Mom and dad came up today so mom and I did some sewing while dad and Roger watched the race and barrett jackson auto auction.
Mom's quilt is quilted so we squared up the top and below is me setting up my machine so mom could sew on the binding.
 And here is mom holding her quilt with the binding sewn, hanging sleeve and label ready for the final handwork of whipping it down.
 After mom got her binding on I decided to work some on the corn and beans quilt.  The blocks are so pretty.  The same backgroud cream/yellow with a tiny rose print, the same green used in each block in the inner big hourglass block and the outer half square triangles in each block were varied medium to dark greens.  They all play so well together.

Below is a picture after I got the inner 24 blocks sewn together.  I sewed them 4 x 6 then added a green 2 1/2 inch border to all sides.  It's going to be a really pretty quilt.
Then I had to decide on a border to do......looked at a  lot of border pictures and decided to do the rectangle with a triangle corner.  Not sure what it's called but it will look great as the outer border.....I think.  I had just enough of the backgroud, as the secret sister had to include one yard of matching or coordinating fabric, and Ruth game me a yard of the background fabric.  I had only the thin edge of squaring up cut left....whew!  For the green triangles I am pulling medium and dark green fabric from my stash and 2 1/2 inch squares and strips.  I needed 108 squares and rectangles to complete the four border sides.  I am going to do 4 corner stones (not sure what yet) when I get the borders done.
 All of my pieces are now cut and stacked for each border so now to some chain piecing to get these borders completed.
Until next time, hoping to get this border done this week and onto the quilt............cornerstones, cornerstones???
Happy Quilting,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finish UFO's Or Bust!!!

It is officially time to make a system for qetting my unfinished objects completed (UFO's).  In this little basket I have put the names or themes of my current UFO's.  I am going to draw out a name of one and work on it until it is completed or decide if I just want to scrap it all together and donate it to the boutique at our guild quilt show.  Either way I want it out of my " to do" basket. 

 Drum roll please ********

 This project Corn & Beans blocks were made for me by my secret sister Ruth Bartholomew in 2006.  So now it is time to get it completed.
Below is a picture of my new quilt angel and her new home.  She fits right in .

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wonderful Anniversary Day

Our anniversary was a wonderful day.  When Roger got home from work we decided to take a spur of the moment road trip......YIPPIE!  We love those kind of days.
We left home and grabbed a hambuger on the way north.  We were heading to a car museum Roger had read about in his Old Car Weekly magazine.  It was only an hour from our house and we could get there in time to have a couple of hours to brouse the museum.  So off we go to Forest City, NC to visit Bennetts Classics Museum
 Everyone here was so friendly and helpful.  Two brothers who had owned a family Ford dealership had started this many years ago.  They had actually taken an old house that was to be torn down and used it as part of the inside for ambiance.  It was so nick.  You can see in some of the pictures the wood that looks like the front of a house etc., was reclaimed wood from the old house.
See in this picture the wood that looks like a front of the house.  It really did look nice.  Interspursed throughout the cars which were all makes an models were things like, soapbox derby cars, antique bicycles and lots of other stuff.
 Below is me checking out one of the antique tractors that was also in the museum.
 Below is a view from the front of the museum look toward the back.
 Another view of some of the cars.
 Thought this was a hoot.  A 1950's moonshine still from Rutherfordton NC.
 Roger checking out some of the old cars.
 After we left the museum we headed back toward Greenville.  At a 4 way stop we spotted this little antique store......we so love to wonder through these never know what you will find.  When we arrived it was 20 till 5 and the sign said that they closed at 5:00 p.m.  So we were off for a quick look.
 Just inside the doorway I found this cute old quilt which had pastel colored cats and dogs appliqued on a white background.  Lots of love, wear and tear on this cutie.
 Then I spotted this anqel which was made out of an old quilt.  Her dress, wings and stocking were all out of a repurposed very worn quilt.  Isn't she precious!
 Well as you can see........she now resides in my quilt studio.  Happy Anniversary to ME!!
 This was a very sweet album quilt.  So sweet to see all of the names of friends and loved ones written or embroidered into the squares.  Beautiful quilt.
 This is a close up of one of the album squares.
 Another very used and loved quilt.  Appliqued flowers.  See the red fabric below Roger's face, it is shreaded from age.  Almost all of the reds in this quilt were deteriated.  This one flower still had five petals that were not totally gone.
 But such a sweet quilt.
 This was a paper pieced and machine quilted quilt.  It was called Amish Garden by Elaine Plumer from 1997 as the label said.  It was pretty and I really fought with bringing it home with me also.
 Then OMG.....look what I found.  A singer 128-23 from 1950.  In its burlwood box, with key and all of the pieces.....and it worked.
 Roger talked the owner down to $60.  So she too has a new home today.  What an anniversary.  I really do like these spur of the moment road trips.  hehehehehe
This next quilt was an old utility quilt with lots of wool in it.  Very heavy and it reminded me of the heavy quilts we slept under as kids.  Ones that once you were tucked into couldn't move under them.
Now back home and grilling a couple of t-bone steaks, baked potato's and salad. What more can you ask for.

Many blessing to all,

Friday, June 24, 2011

An Anniversary Tribute

Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Time sure flies when  you are having fun.  Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary.   I can't believe that we have been married 22 years already.  And we've changed a little.  The first picture was taken in 2003 on a cruise with some friends.

 And the second picture was taken on my 50th birthday trip in 2010.  We so love traveling together.
And next is a picture of MY Superman!!  Roger standing beside the superman statue in Metropolis Illinois in 2010.  What a hoot that was.

God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband and friend.  I look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary together.  Thank you Roger for making my life special.

We are going to take a couple of quick road trips this weekend to celebrate, maybe some antique shops, quilt shops, car museums etc.  Just relaxing together.  I should be able to slip some quilting in this weekend also.   How fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to all the very special people in my life.
My Dad Paul Adams, My husband Roger, My brother Paul, My son Roger Jr., My son Rance, My nephew Gerald, all of my uncles and cousins!
You are all wonderful men who make a difference in this crazy world we are living in.
Love you all!!!
Below is a picture of my dad opening his father's day card at lunch today. 
 And here is Roger carving the ham......yum yum.....with mom helping as taster.
We had a great day together to celebrate Father's Day.  Hope that each of you were able to sepend some time with the men who mean the world to you also.
Many blessings,

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Just Love Scrap Quilts!!

My goal today was to get mom's Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt into the longarm and get started quilting on it.  Below is the first picture with the quilt being loaded in the longarm.  Once I got started quilting I didn't want to stop.  Tonight was my quilting bee night and Debbie was hosting.  I had to call and beg off since I didn't want to stop. Debbie totally understood that it is always best to keep working on this type of project if possible.  Otherwise it will be sometimes weeks before I can get back to finish the project.  Thanks Debbie for being understanding and I'll see everyone next time.

Oh yeah.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEE BUDDY SUSAN!!  Hope you had a great birthday.

While I am quilting one of the secrets that I have learned is to turn off the overhead lights and use a side light to see where  you have been.  This is especially important when you are free hand quilting like I was on this quilt.  I just love how it shows off the stitches as below.
One of the things I like the most about scrap quilts is while you are piecing and quilting you get to see all of the different fabrics that you have used in other projects and remember where it came from.  In this quilt are fabrics from mom's stash and mine.  It was so fun quilting and seeing the pieces as I passed over them with stitches.  The first one here was a dog and cow fabric that I used as a backing on a friends son's baby quilt.
 Below is a close up of some rooster fabric I used on Roger's mom's quilt and beside it is a strip of sea shell fabric that I used as sashing on a quilt of mine.
Another fabric here is the bicycle fabric that I used in a strip swap at our quild many years ago.
 And the next fabric I fondly remember is the fishing lure fabric that Roger's mother made him a shirt out of and I used as sashing on his 50th birthday quilt.  It has special meaning also because on our first date Roger and I went fishing.  See the lure with all of the hooks sticking out.  That is a rapalla and they have 3 treble hooks on them.  Well.......I was in the front of the boat and Roger was in the back running the motor.  I took my rod and swung it back to throw it forward and just then I heard Roger let out a whelp!! I had hooked him in the back with the Rapalla.  He had 6 hooks stuck into his back.  To this day I tell him that he is the best thing I ever hooked!!!  Funny now, but not that day.
 Here is the last row with the final quilting.  I can't  believe that I was able to get it done today.  Now to unzip it off of the rollers and square it up for binding.  Hopefully we can do that Sunday while they are here for Father's Day.
 And another view of the quilt in the frame.
Mom will really be surprised to see it finished.  Now I better decide if we are eating supper (it's 8:34 p.m.) or just having popcorn and going to bed.  I think I will vote for popcorn..........especially since Roger is the captain of popcorn making.
I work in the ER 12 hours tomorrow so I have to get into bed early.....if possible.
Happy Quilting,

Busy Week

This week has been very busy with work and doctor's appointments with dad.  We went to the pulmonologist Wednesday and were there for five hours having x-rays, spiromentry testing, nurse practitioner and then the doctor.  I was exhausted so I know mom and dad were both exhausted.  But GREAT news.  The preliminary x-rays did not show the nodule that was seen last year on dad's CT scan.  So we are now going Thursday to have another chest CT done to make sure it is clear.  WHEW!!

Next week we go to the urologist to see what we can do about the multiple kidney stones dad has right now, the biggest is ove 9mm, WHICH IS HUGE!!  He just wants to get it out so the pain can stop....and I totally agree.

We have had some horrible weather this week with hail up to golf ball size in our town.  We were out of power Wednesday night for about 5 hours, thankfully the storm that blew through here brought tons of rain which cooled us down a bit, sleeping with the windows open to keep cool.

We awoke yesterday to these beautiful Cala Lillies blooming in the flower garden.  These are more of the birthday flowers from last year.  I just love them, especially the beautiful pearl white with the hint of burgundy on these blooms.

Today my plan is to get mom's quilt into the longarm and start quilting on it. 
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trip To Landrum Quilt Show

Today was a wonderful road trip to the Landrum Quilt Show.  Me, my mom Betty, Susan, Susan's mom Christine and Suzanne had a great time exploring the quilt show and the town of Landrum, SC.
The morning started early when I picked up mom, Susan, Suzanne and then on up the road to pick up Christine.  We hit Landrum around 10:15 this morning.  We were greated in the parking lot by one of the husband's of the Landrum Quilt Guild member riding in a golf cart.  He was offering rides from the parking lot to the school where the show was being held.  Mom, Susan and Suzanne hitched a ride while Christine and I strolled past the beautiful flowers planted in front of the school.

Once inside the building we all got started viewing the show.  This year they had tons of vendors with beautiful things to intice us.

Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite quilts from the show.  Little did I know that my cat "Whiskers" had followed me to the show......hehehehe.

In the picture below I loved the "BQ" pattern with the black used to make the shadow around the blocks.

 Cats, Cats everywhere..........
 And of course no show is complete without at least one rooster in the chicken coop........
 The quilt below was of instruments and I loved the look it gave.
 The next wallhanging was made up of four pieces plus a fabric covered twig as a hanger.  It had beeding and dimentional flowers.  Beautiful....and of course the picture does not do it justice.
 I tried to get a close up of some of the beeding and dimentional flowers.
After we viewed the show we headed out to all of the vendors scattered throughout the building.  And yes we all did a little damage to our pocketbooks before we left.

Then it was off to lunch....we were all starved by this time.  We found a little cafe where we could get a burger etc. to eat.

Next we were off to one of the quilt shops in town.  We had a blast there.  It was a shop which shared the building with a knitting shop.  Out back of this quilt shop was an ice cream parlor......and you guessed it....the girls had to get some ice cream for the road trip home.

Everyone has been deliverd back home safetly and now I'm exhausted and think I'll just relax with my hubby for a few minutes and watch a few NCIS reruns.

Hope you have had a great day......stay cool in this HOT weather.....99 today while we were out.
Happy Quilting,