Friday, August 30, 2013

Buzzing In The Bee Hive.

The bee hive was really buzzing tonight.  We had 7 of us here (Sue was missing) and we had a great time.  Roger said he heard lots of cackling come from the room.
Mom has been piecing string blocks from all of the scraps and we decided to set some of them using Bonnie Hunter's floating 9-patch setting.  She sewed sashings to two sides of each 8 1/2 inch block.  Here are some of the blocks on the design board.  
 I finished quilting mom's Easy Street mystery quilt and got it trimmed and ready to sew the binding on.
 Debbie Fenton came to bee tonight......and brought some Sangria..hehe.  Glad to see her again.  She does memory quilts for Let There Be Mom.  It makes memory quilts for family members who have cancer and small children at home.  Such awesome quilts she makes.
 More hive photos

 Christine was also here with us tonight and trying to decide her color scheme for the Bonnie Hunter class coming up in October.
Love me some bee girls.......we had a great time.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Studio Tour

I've finally gotten things to where I think I want and like them in the new studio.  Here are some pictures.

First is my sewing table.  Roger built the table for me many years ago and it has been a wonderful quilting studio.  He set my sewing machine into the table which gives me a flat working space.  Spaces in the table allow me to put drawers and baskets for storing supplies.
 The other side of the table gives me even more room for storage.  The table is on wheels so it can be moved if needed.  On the end you can see is my cutting area.  I can use this side to cut or the end of the table.  The table is 4 feet x 6 1/2 feet.

I have a wonderful view while sewing out of my window.

Moving around the room from my table is another storage area.  This shelf hold some frequently used books and idea notebooks.  My idea notebooks I've had and used for years to store ideas from anywhere I may have found them to use in quilts.  Also holds the glass hurricane with all of my antique wooden spools of thread.  My measuring tape hangs over the front edge.  This is the spot that I always put my tape so I know where it is.  The Hershey glass jar holds my pre-wound bobbins.  On the floor to the left is my sewing basket, cookie sheets for sorting pieces of quilts as I cut and the plastic containers hold pieces of projects and the front one is old lots of binding.
Next on the tour is my thread rack.  I LOVE this rack.  Roger made this for me to store all of my thread.
It's large and I have room to expand.  Love having my thread organized by color. You can walk up with a piece of fabric and find the color thread you need.
Next is my design wall. 
The design wall is made out of the foam insulation boards they put on the outside of your house.  I bought two with the aluminum covering.  Roger cut one board down to 4 foot x 8 foot and hinged it together with the second board.  This gave me a 6 foot x 8 foot design board. I covered it with flannel......and we hung it on the wall.  Great to see your design from across the room.

Below is the view from half way across the studio. The door here is the main door into the studio.
Moving past the design wall I have some sitting venues so we can do hand piecing, read magazines etc.  We also set up tables in front of the couch to piece when we have bee here.
 Beside the couch is a heart quilt hanger with a magazine rack and my little "bee" mascot.  I just love her.  The door leads out of the studio into our patio/picnic area. 
 Moving on around the room is another sitting venue with a recliner and quilting magazines stacked on top of my hat boxes. 
Next is my featherweight that is set up so someone can use during bee. 
 Whiskers just had to get into the picture.  Crazy boy!  This is the last sitting venue with a chair and ottoman.
 Next is the Accuquilt Studio Cutting station.  I love this cutter.  It has come in so handy with making up kits for our philanthropy projects for the quilt guild.  And especially handy when cutting out all of the pieces for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts.
 Below the cutting table I have bins for trash, scraps and crumbs.  The little pink bin on the left is for trash....empty right now.
I also love the 3M Command hanging hooks.  You can put things anywhere you want them and not damage your walls.  I put scissors and a fabric basket beside the cutting station to help.
One of my favorite things we did in the studio is the quilt hanging system.  As you can see in the pictures I have quilts hanging everywhere.  Roger put this system of clothes pins spaced 4 inches apart around the entire perimeter of the studio......yes I LOVE IT!  I can hand any size quilt up now.
Next is the longarm area.  It sits in the same spot that it did in the old part of the studio.  I was just able to move it out further from the wall.  That is mom's easy street quilt in the longarm now.
 Under the longarm I have tons of storage.  These bins are under both sides of the longarm.  I store patterns, scraps of batting, tops to be quilted, tools and longarm thread.  Very convenient and uses the space nicely.
 These drawer sections at the end is where I keep a lot of the "little" stuff, embelishments, Velcro, beeds, etc.
 Above around this end of the studio is where I have book shelves up top.  It allows the books to be in sight but out of the way.  I have a small step ladder to reach what I need.
 Next is a shelf in the corner that hold my button collection jar.
Next is my pressing table.  Roger made me this table many years ago and I have always loved it.  3 foot x 4 foot.  We purchased the bin drawer sets at Lowe's and Roger bound them together and attached the top.  Now I have fat quarters in drawers and packages with my UFO's in them.  Plenty of room for pressing.
 Above the pressing table is a shelf with my spray bottles of water and another 3M hanger with scissors.  Convenient for cutting strings etc. while pressing.
 Next is my treddle
 and her coffin top.
Now we get to the fabric storage shelves. Love the fabric arranged by color.
 Moving on around is my scrap bins.  I use Bonnie Hunters Scrap User's System.  Love having all of these pins labeled and ready to pull out the size we need for a quilt.  We use these all the time when making up kits and finding pieces for borders.
My memo board is next which is behind my sewing table.  You can see I am able to hang things above the board with the clothes pin hangers and pin things to the board.
 Last is my basket with all of my fusible products on the floor.  This little table sits to the right behind my sewing table.  I have a basket with my scissors and rotary cutters in it also. 
I hope that I have not bored you to death with the picture laden tour.  My hope was to give you ideas that I have used and hopefully will help you in your studio.  I love learning new ideas from other quilters.  We all inspire each other and that is why quilting is so special!
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get Your Ms. Claus On Project Delivery

My friend Debbie over at stitchintherapy has a project going each year to make baby doll quilts for the wood workers guild.  They build doll cradles, carriages etc. and quilters make the doll quilts.  These are given out to children at Christmas time.  What a wonderful project this is. 
I had some scraps left from making a brown and pink quilt and decided to make up some of the doll quilts.  It took very little time to get them made.   When I loaded my brown & pink quilt into the longarm I allowed extra fabric to quilt these three quilts.  I just free motion quilted each of them.  They measure 14-inches x 18-inches.
Loading extra fabric and batting has always been a trick that I used to get smaller projects quilted.  You can also add pieces on the side to quilt for zipper bags and projects to be used for silent auctions or boutique at the quilt show.

Since Roger is always wanting an excuse to ride in the 55 he agreed to go with me to deliver these to Debbie.  I think he just wanted to drive around in the car.....but I do believe that Debbie's husband Old Sir also enjoyed the visit.

Happy Quilting,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Bee Is Wonderful!

I just love my bee girls.  Such a talented group of ladies. Tonight was no exception.  Susan is at the Accuquilt cutting pieces for our Bonnie Hunter Class in October.  It sure saves a lot of time cutting out all of those pieces.  Mom and Sue are both working on a quilt as you go scrap project.  In the background on the longarm you can see mom's Easy Street Mystery from Bonnie Hunter.

Mom's quilt turned out beautiful.  Now for me to finish quilting it for her.
Roger has been washing and polishing up the car.......he is one happy camper.
More happy quilting going on in the studio.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trying To Update But Blogger Is Ticking Me Off Today!

I am trying to update my blog for days now and every time I try to upload a picture the blogger stops working....GRRRRRRRRRRR!
Now I'm defragging my computer and cleaning up files.....who knows maybe that will work.
In the mean time I hope to have some pictures and updates soon.
I can't believe that it finally let me put a picture in here.

Now to the update:
Roger and I decided to get away the other day and just go for a ride, walk through some antique shops.  The first little place we stopped was The Copper Kettle.  The older gentlemen who owns it was so sweet.  And of course he and Roger were talking old cars before I knew it.  And yes that is an old outhouse sitting out front.

I purchased a shoe box crammed full of old wooden thread spools.  You could not get another one in the box.  When I emptied the box I had 310 spools.  Some of them are Silk Thread from the Japan Silk company.  Here they are all laid out on my cutting table.
And below is how I decided to display them in my studio. 
Next we walked through downtown Landrum and went into an antique shop there.  I found a beautiful double wedding ring quilt made from scraps.  I loved it.......and of course it came home with me.

Next my husband has been the mechanic for a dear friend's antique automobiles for about 20 years now.  This friend has been sick recently and started to sell all of his collector cars.  Roger purchased the 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.  Boy is she ever nice.  He took a picture of the car with his truck.  They sure look pretty in front of the garage.  In the 2nd bay from the right you can see the wheel of our 1929 Chandler sitting in there.  Boys and their toys.....but I can't complain because he gave me an awesome quilting studio to play in.
More updates to come if blogger cooperates.
Happy Quilting,