Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roger's Truck Finished

Roger was so excited to have his truck finished today.  We had it at the glass company to put a new windshield and back glass in after painting the truck.  When the company called to say it was finished Roger was like a little boy on Christmas morning. 

The truck looks great!

I'm working on the chart of my Cathedral Window quilt (because I can't find the previous chart I did.....dahhhh).  I have been working on some of the parts and now want to finish, finish, finish!  This was one that I wanted to get done for last year but it fell through the cracks with all that happened last year.  So this year it is on the front burner for completion.  I'm going to use it at all of my bee nights and while watching TV with my husband. 

What projects are you working on right now that you want to get done this year?  Any old UFO's that are burning to get done?

Happy Quilting,

PS I do have pictures......when I can get this thing to work again.....any suggestions let me know.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Job!!

I decided a good while back that I needed to get out of the craziness of the Emergency Room and find something less stressful.  I have been watching the open jobs for our hospital and the other hospital that I work PRN at.  I applied for a job in the PACU (Recovery Room) at my hospital.  I interviewed on December 26th and today received official news that I have the job!! YIPPIE!!!
I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my nursing career.  The 6th of February will be my last day to work in the Emergency Room.  I am ready after 18 years in the Emergency Room it is definately time for something less stressful.

I was so excited when I interviewed that I knew most of the people working in the department (since I have been with this hospital almost 24 years).  They were thrilled that I was interviewing to come work with them. 

Happy Quilting,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Orthodontist Day And Play Day!

Today is an orthodontist visit for the next bigger wire.....yuck!  But I try to remember that each new wire insertion is the next step to getting these things out of my mouth!  So bring it on doc cause I am counting down the weeks and months until you are done.

After my ortho visit I am going to be playing in my studio.  I have some cleaning up to do from my last day in here.......I don't know about you but I have to get things cleaned back up before I can get going on my project.  I tend to make huge piles of fabric when I am pulling things for a new project.  The mess just drives me nuts.  So once I am on my way with the project I have to stop and clean up some of the piles.

Again no pictures, I'll update them later.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beginning The Studio Addition

While I was at work today Roger started preparing for the new addition to my quilting studio.  I came home to "crime scene tape" around the area.  I just had to laugh when I drove up.  He wanted to make sure I entered a certain door so I did not have to step over any construction. 


Hopefully by the summer we will have the addition completed.  This will give me more room to work around the longarm machine.  My hips will be so glad to not be bruised from running into the end of the longarm frame.

It is cold here this week and has been raining.  Will post pictures later of the progress on my cathedral window quilt.  I had hoped to get it completed last year but too many things derailed the progress.  2013 is going to be a better year!

I have been trying to publish this post for several days now and blogger is not letting me upload pictures for some reason.  I don't get the option to browse for my I'm giving up for now and posting this anyway.  When I get it figured out I'll come back and post the pictures.

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crazy Day In The ER...Crazy Sugar Bowl Game!

I arrived at the Greer ER today for my shift and this is what I found hanging on my locker. 
It seems as though at the ER Christmas Party (which I could not attend) they gave out wacky awards and this was the award I was getting.  Yes I am the only ER nurse who has braces!  What a crazy bunch I work with there.  It gave me a great laugh before I stepped out of the locker room into a CRAZY BUSY UNENDING DAY IN THE ER!  I think we saw everybody in the state yesterday!! 

So glad to get home and relax some with my honey.  He was all ready for us to watch the Sugar Bowl Game with the Florida Gators playing Louisville.  I decided to stitch down some windows on my cathedral window quilt during the game. 
I was able to get another panel done during the game.  Needless to say the game was horrible.  I don't think the Florida players were even at the game......much less in the uniforms playing on the field.  I think they all hired imposters to fill their uniforms on the field.  Hats off to Louisville for playing their hearts out and they deserved the win!  At least I had a productive quilting few hours.

Before I forget...........Happy Birthday Teresa!!  Teresa is my cousin and sister that I never had.........Love you girl!

Happy quilting,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope that each of you brought in the new year safely.  Today my brother and I gave my mother a new laptop with wireless access.  This is her first computer. So mom you have now entered the technology age.
The new windows 8 is a little intimidating and I hope she will be able to navigate through it.  We spent some time today going over some things and how to get from one thing to another.  Maybe since she doesn't know the other systems she will be able to use it easier than it was for me. 

Today is rainy and dreary here in South Carolina but a good day to relax with family and enjoy some quiet time. 

I am also reviewing my blog for 2012 and getting ready to print.  Each year I print my blog to a's my journal of things that have happened throughout the year.  A great way to see what all you actually accomplished during the year. 

Here's to a great 2013 and lots of quilting!