Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Morning.....It's Time To Leave

Sunday morning has arrived all too fast.  It is time to disembark our lovely ship and head back to reality.

We were able to get off of the ship fairly quickly.  Taxi ride back to our hotel where we could retrieve our car and head home.

Now to all of the creative packing we did and how to repack the car.  Roger and I are used to getting things packed effeciently into the car for travel.  And we did it.  Anita and Kim did wind up having to have one of Anita's bags between them in the back seat.    All of those souvenirs from the fun trip.

We had a good trip home and were home by 8:30 p.m. last night.  Thanks everyone for helping us make this a very memorable trip for Kim.  Roger, Anita and I have truly enjoyed helping Kim on her Celebration.

Love you girl!!
Now back to work and reality for all of us.

Saturday--Our Last Day At Sea

This morning we all decided to sleep in and get some much needed rest.  Kim and Anita decided that they wanted to be sun bunnies again and lay out on the Lido deck.  So after breakfast those two scurried off to find a lounge chair to inhabit for a few hours.

Roger and I did some more exploring of the ship and started sorting clothes for the big packing event tonight.  We also signed up for a couples massage workshop for 3 p.m. Saturday.

Kim and Anita are "frying" oh no I mean bathing in the sun and having a great time.  They were able to watch the ice carving demonstration on deck.  Kim and Anita also ran into our waiter for dinner, Edsel.  He was concerned that we did not like his service since we played hookey from dinner last night.  Who would have thought?  But Kim has kept him pretty entertained every night at dinner.  They assured him that we would be back.

Roger and I went to our couples massage workshop.  Our massage therapist was Zsa Zsa from Wales.  I just loved her accent.  She started with me on the massage table and instructed Roger in massage techniques.  Then it was Roger's turn. She was so patient and informative.  Roger said that he had a great time.  What man wouldn't since he had two women giving him a massage at the same time.  We learned alot and came away feeling more refreshed and limber.  That was great after all of the climbing on the zip line yesterday.

Tonight since we had a wonderful dinner in the dinning room with all of our new friends and waiters, Edsel, "Little Brother, cause we can't pronounce his name" and the other tables who had missed us.  We all decided not to have dessert since we were so stuffed from the meal.  Boy the waiters sure don't like it if you don't do a course.  But we all stuck to our guns tonight and said no dessert.  Whew!!

Back to the room now to start packing for our trip home.  Roger and I have most of ours packed already.  We shared on bag for the trip so my creative packing skills really come in handy at times.

Next was a shreak from the adjoining room.  Anita and Kim can't fathom how they are going to get all of their stuff packed for the trip home.   I just have to laugh.  With some creativity and switching around we were able to get all of their stuff packed.  Don't know if we will be able to get it all in the car when we arrive back in Tampa, but that is another story all together.

I don't think any of us can sleep tonight.  We have had a great time and really could stay for another ride on the ship......oh well.  good night everyone.

Friday Continued

After all of the hussle and bussle of the zip lines and shopping we all four decided that instead of getting dressed up for supper in the main dinning room that we would just go up on the Lido deck and get a burger.  What a mistake that was.  Not only were they not serving burgers, they only had chinese buffet.  not any of our favorites.  But we kept looking around and I found a sandwich bar....hehehe....which I proceeded to get a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Boy were the others surprised when I arrived back at the table with that.  Kim decided after eating some of the chinese that she also would do a sandwich.  Yum, Yum.

Little did we know that with us missing a night at dinner that our waiter and the other diners in the private dinning room were all wondering what had happened to us.  We didn't know we were even missed.  Oh well, no more playing hookey for us.

More tomorrow,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Events

Today started off early again for all of us.  We all headed for an early breakfast before splitting up for our excursions.   Anita is going into town to shop while Roger, Shelia and Kim do the zip-line.  Our ship docked at 7 a.m. Cozumel, Mexico.

Our zip line excursion started at 9:30 a.m. when we met our group on the dock.  There were 24 of us total to do the zip line.  My stomach was very queezy this morning just thinking about the six circuits of zip lines, but as I have is just too short to be afraid of anything!  So off we go.  Our tour guide Jose was a hoot!

We arrived at the zip line venue at 10 a.m. and got our first safety lecture.  We were all fitted for our harness, helmets and gloves.  Remember when the written description said that you would have to climb a 25 foot ladder to the zip line......yeah about 25 ladders all about 28-inches wide in a hut like thing with everyone going up one by one, hooked together with a rope.  It was bamboo and wood nailed together in each hut.  We all got our work out for the day.  Jose who found out that Kim and I were both a little leary of the zip line decided that since it was Kim's Birthday trip that we would do the entire zip line 2 times!!!  That is 12 zip line circuits.......OMG......I hadn't jumped off the first one yet!

We decided that of our threesome Kim would go first, then me and finally Roger.  That way I could give Kim a shove and Roger and Jose could give me a shove.  The first circuit was tough.  We learned how to use the brake......that is a very helpful thing.  Kim got harnessed right up and loaded on the wires and off she went.   Then it was my turn.  Jose had too much fun with this........I could not say yes to going at first and he laughed and said...."you have to go now miss Shelia"  and my response was ......"you are still within arms reach Jose so don't make me hurt you".  Everyone on the ladder was hooting!  Finally, I gave in and jumped (yeah right, got pushed by Jose and Roger.  It was great!  and by the 12th circuit I had it down pat and could jump off all by myself.  Kim was awesome and well as Roger.  They both had a great time.  I think Kim would do it again in a heart beat. 

Kim got to see Peacocks on the ground under one of the zip lines and some beautiful jungle scenery throughout the zips.  No one out of our group of 24 chickened out, although several of us were slow chicks!!

After we finished the ziplines, we returned to the port and met up with Anita at Fat Tuesday's for something cold to drink and shopping.  We ran back to the ship quickly to change out of our hot blue jeans and put something cooler on.   Anita has had a good time shopping and enjoying the scenery at the ports.  We had lunch on the ship, then Roger, Kim and I returned to Cozumel for some more shopping.....we stopped first at Three Amigo's where Kim and I rode a fully dressed mexican bandito's donkey (ass as he called it) while Roger took pictures, Kim just hooted everytime the man called his donkey an ass ( miss you want to ride my ass?......I know you can hear Kim cackling right now......and Marguarita's of course at Fat Tuesday's.

After shopping we were enjoying a Marguarita when a Mariachi band came over and serenaded us.  Kim was so thrilled.

Kim has truly had a wonderful time so far and we are happy to have been able to be here with her to share in these events......and of course we are not done yet.

Just finished a shower to cool off while Anita and Kim are back up on the Lido deck bathing in the sun.  More later,

Thursday's Events With Kim

Thursday is here and it is hard to believe.  We docked at 8 a.m in Costa Maya, Mexico.  Kim had
 decided that she wanted to do a leisurely day of shopping and swim in the Lagoon pool near here.  Her hip is really giving her some problems.

We did some shopping and Roger was trying to teach Kim to bargain on the things she wanted to buy.  Kim bought two beautiful dresses.  One I think she will wear to the second formal night tonight.  It was hot again today, but we did have a breeze.

Kim, Roger and Shelia went swimming in the lagoon pool.  Kim was so excited to be able to swim up to the bar.  Beautiful scenery again. 

After we set sail we were able to sit up on the deck for a while and enjoy all of the scenery.  Now to get dressed for dinner.

Tonight at dinner Kim turned down the Escargot......can you believe that.  I think it is the only animal she has not had an affinity for on this trip.  Another great meal with Kim having her first Baked Alaska. 

Now back up to the Lido deck to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Tomorrow morning we dock in Cozumel and are doing the zip line......OMG!!
More later,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Adventures with Kim

Today started with our ship docking in Isla Roatan.  Roatan is a 60km island off the coast of Honduras.  The island is located next to the Caribbean's largest coral reef (the second largest in the world).  All four of us left the ship this morning to spend a leisurely day shopping and time on the beach.  Did I tell you that we are a lot closer to the Equator right now?  And just how do I know that........because it is *******HOT!!  Add hot flashes on top of that and you get nuclear melt downs.  But we are having a great, hot time.  Is is snowing at home?  hehehehe.

Kim, Anita and Roger have all tried to see who could drink the most marguarita's today.......and Anita and Roger don't have a chance in that contest.  We visited Fat Tuesday's and had a blast, Roger and I even got to do a little "shagging on the boardwalk"  We mostly shopped the morning away.  Then we tried to convince Anita to join us on the beach chair lift, but we lost.  So Roger, Kim and I went on the chair lift over the bay to Mahogany Bay.  It was a beautiful ride across the jungle to the beautiful white sand beach.  Kim strolled along the beach picking up rocks and sea shells.  Then we all dipped into the beautiful water.   We decided that we would make a large loop on the chair lift so when we got back on we just rode back and forth over the bay.  Beautiful scenery of some old sunken ships and gorgeous jungle vistas.  We have tons of pictures to show, but still having difficulty getting them to upload on this satellite feed.

The winds right now are blowing at 30 knots which is causing the doors to whistle when you attempt to open the balcony doors.  Anita doesn't like the rocking and whistling at this time.  But is being a wonderful sport.  Her and Kim are keeping us laughing constantly.  We got to see an emergency rescue on the beach today.  They were able to use their four wheeler with a stretcher on wheels pulled behind the four wheeler to extract a man who had problems with the heat.  He's doing fine now.  So we then went back to our drinks at Fat Tuesday.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little cooler, 98 today with 91% humidity and no rain, so hot and humid. 

We are now sailing to Costa Maya, Mexico for our port of call tomorrow.  We're still trying to decide what we are doing there. 

Keep Kim in your prayers as hip pain has been tough the last few days.  But as usual she is laughing and talking non-stop.  I don't think Kim has met any strangers on this trip, even when they didn't speak english.......What a girl!!

Oh yeah, I forgot that while we were shopping Kim found a lady with a stand of items she was selling.  Each item was made from recycled stuff.  I think it took us at least an hour to get Kim out of that stand.  The lady was explaining each and EVERY item to Kim and how it was made.  She also was explaing to Kim all of the other items that she was wanting to make from recycled items.  Bless her.
Until tomorrow,

Tuesday Kim's Birthday

Tuesday February 22,2011.  Today is Kim's 52nd birthday and we have lots planned for her.  Excuse the late post as internet access in central america area is not great, but I am trying to upload as much as possible.  Pictures are proving to be a real problem to upload.

Tuesday morning started off early as we had to catch a tender ship to shore at 7:15 a.m.  Today Roger, Kim and Shelia are going ashore in Grand Cayman to swim with the dolphins and a stingray swim also.

We arrived at the Dolphin City at 8:30 a.m.  They quickly sorted all of the people into groups.  Blue group was those that would be swimming with the dolphins in a sectioned off area.  The literature stated that you must be able to swim to do this excursion, but little did we know that you would have to SWIM!!  We had to dive off of the dock and swim approximately the length of 3 football fields over to OUR dolphins habitat.  Once we had arrived in that area we were introduced to our 2 dolphins Luna and Lucea.  They were beautiful.  They then divided our group of 10 into a family of 7 and the 3 of us.  Now realize that all this time we are treading water.

We were able to do so many things during the dolphin swim.  We had a singing time with the dolphins when they sang to us and then we sang and they danced for us while we circled around them.  Then some of us were told to swim approximately half way back to the dock so that the dolphin could come bring us back on our ride.  What fun!!  We held onto their fins and they brought each one of us back to their dock.  Then we got our dolphin kiss.....and if you did not kiss them good enough they would splash you with water until you did!  The dolphins did a show for us while we were in the water also, jumps, tricks, fetching things etc.  We had lots of time to pet the dolphins, their tummy was so soft and slick.  KIM HAD A BLAST!!  Roger and I also throughly enjoyed the hour in the water with the dolphins.  We told the trainer that it was Kim's birthday and she got extra time with the dolphin Lucea.  She just kackled.  Haven't seen her frown at all this trip. 

After   we completed our fun with the dolphins we got to swim back to the shore.......yes the whole way back.  Great exercise though.

We then boarded a boat to take us out to sea for our stingray adventure.  I thought it would be at the shore where they would come up......oh no.  we rode 35 minutes out to sea and then the captain (who appeared to have been smoking some wachy weed) instructed us to jump off the side of the boat and swim out to where the stingrays were.  Now just know that there is NO LAND anywhere in sight we are in the middle of the ocean.  Then the snockered captain states that the side of the boat is about 25 feet deep, but you can go down the ladder on the front of the boat and it is only waist deep there.  We three opted for the later choice. 

The stingrays were awesome.  I have never seen a stingray up close so it was amazing.  We got to play with the rays, some were over 4 foot span and we even had some tiny baby rays there.  They were in their natural environment which was wonderful.  I got a back massage from a large ray, was able to hold and kiss one and even feed one.  Kim had a blast holding the rays and playing with them.  We were in the water almost an hour with the rays. 

After the stingray adventure we headed back to the dolphin cove by boat.  We were able to buy our pictures of the dolphin and stingray adventures.  It was a wonderful day.

After we returned to the ship we had arranged for them to decorate Kim's room for her birthday while we were gone.  She was like a little kid when we arrived.  They had decorated with streamers and signs with Happy Birthday.  What an awesome way for her to be greated back on ship. We had more surprises for her later.  We spent more time exploring all there is to do on the cruise ship before getting ready for our dinner.

At dinner we had another wonderful meal.  Kim ate Mahi Mahi and Roger kept telling her that it was dolphin.  The waiter even kept it going when he sat her plate down and said "Miss Kim I hope you enjoy your dolphin"  We all just hooted!!

After all the food at dinner I had arranged for Kim to get a birthday cake.  Our waiter Edsel and all of the wait staff brought the beautiful cake and had everyone in the private dinning room sing happy birthday to kim.  When Edsel served the cake he made sure to give Kim the piece with her name on it.  She had a blast.

After dinner we had some marguaritas up on the serenity deck......adults was so quiet. 

Kim said that this was the best birthday she's ever had.  Made it all worth wild for us.  Just in case you are wondering......we really are not missing work....hehehehehe

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Happenings

Today started off early....Roger, Shelia and Kim were all up by 3 a.m.  Roger and I went exploring the ship to find all of the activity zones.  It was so quiet at that time.  Only us and the cleaning crew were out.  We went up to the Lido deck to get a cup of coffee and walk around the top deck.  The ship was cruising at 20 knots and the winds were 25 knots.  It was so windy I thought I was going to get blown off of the deck.  The wind was so strong it was blowing the coffee out of my cup....what a hoot!!  We are having a great time.

We all went shopping on Rodeo Drive today.  What fun.
Kim decided that she was going to lay out in the sun today.  She had a blast "people watching" on the Lido deck.  She tried to work out in the gym this morning but with the winds rocking our ship it was not cooperating with her on the equipment.  She finally gave up and found a rocking chair on deck to sit in.  What a girl!!

Tonight was our first formal night.  We had a wonderful dinner tonight.  Roger, Kim and Anita had lobster and shrimp.  Roger and Anita had cherries jubilee.  Kim had pineapple sherbert with her frozen marguarita's.  Shelia had prime rib and orange sherbert.  Our waiter Edsel has been wonderful.

We had the balcony wall between our rooms opened today so now we have an extra long balcony so we can all sit out on the balcony together........all except Anita who will come out but not look over the edge.  The Sunrises and Sunsets have been gorgeous.

Tomorrow is our first port of call.  Grand Caymans, Cayman Islands.  Kim, Roger and Shelia will be leaving the ship at 8 a.m. to go swim with the dolphins and stingrays.  Then maybe some shopping before we return to the ship.  Anita decided that she did not want to swim with the dolphins so she has booked a motorcoach tour of the island and some shopping.  She is having a blast.

Camera battery is dead now, so after I get it charged I will post pictures of today.  Kim is leaving to go try again to workout in the gym........I think she is really sneaking up to the top deck....he he he he he.  Until later...........Shelia

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday--We Sail Away

Today started off at our hotel with a wonderful breakfast.  Then packing for our trip to the port.  We took a taxi to the Port of Tampa to catch our ship, The Carnival Legend.

Once on the ship we found our Balcony Rooms.  We have a beautiful view of the ocean.  We were greeted in our rooms with a beautiful tray of chocolate covered strawberries.  Wonderful!

Below is Kim at our first event, a mandatory safety briefing at our Muster station.
Then more waiting for everyone to get the muster lecture.
Here is Shelia, Kim and Anita just waiting for the ship to set sail.  It is a gorgeous day with a light breeze blowing.
 Here is Kim and Anita enjoying a few drinks up on the deck.
 A beautiful sunset from our private dinning table at dinner tonight.
The girls have passed the "muster station" and ready to sail

Roger and Shelia enjoying the views.

Dinner Sunday Night
Now we are off to the Follies featuring the Comic Teaser of Lewis Nixon & Jim Brick with live music by Steve Legend and the Legend Showband.  We are also seeing the Legend Dancers and hearing LJ and Brent sing. 
Then it is off to bed and some well earned rest.  Tomorrow is a day at sea and Kim has already staked out the gym for a workout in the morning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exploring Tampa Bay

We decided to start our exploring by walking from our hotel toward the bay.  We walked through Scarborough Park.  It was beautiful.

 Shelia, Kim and Anita walking down the boulevard.....and no we are not street walking!
 Shelia and her honey Roger with Tampa Bay in the background.
 Anita,Kim and Shelia
 Now you're talking.......IT'S MARGUARITA TIME!!
 Winding down at the beach...........the marguarita is kicking in now.  We had a wonderful dinner while watching jet skiers off the beach.  Roger and Shelia shared a Filet Cobb Salad with a champagne viniagrette and grilled shrimp with lemon aioli.  Anita and Kim shared the same dishes.  They were wonderful.  And of course the marguaritta's were also.
 Back at our hotel Kim decides to work out for a few minutes in the fittness room.
Now off to our rooms to unwind and prepare for our departure tomorrow on Carnival Cruise Line.  A quick workout in the morning, breakfast and then we are off to the port.

We've Arrived In Tampa

We left at 4 a.m this morning to drive to Tampa Florida.  It has been a good trip without a lot of traffic problems.  We arrived at our hotel in Tampa at 3:15 p.m. and it is beautiful here.  85 degrees and gorgeous!!  Kim and Anita have done great so far, a real couple of characters.  This is really going to be a great trip.  We are unloading at the hotel and plan on doing some exploring of Tampa and finding a cool place for dinner.

Here is a picture of The Back Seat Girls on the drive down.  Lots of laughs.  We'll post more later after our exploring.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Just A Few Hours Until We Are Headed South

Carnival Legend HERE WE COME!!

Just a few hours until we are headed south with Kim for her wonderful adventure. 

Lots of last minute things to get done today before we can head out.  Kim is getting a treatment and meeting with her doctor today.  We're all praying for lots of good news.

Roger and I are packed, Anita is almost packed and Kim is in the process of packing.  Keep us all in your prayers while we travel through this adventure.  Lots of fun and laughter coming!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This should be our mantra for this year.  We need to spend more time doing the things that give your heart pleasure.  

And the Bee girls have to get their own Valentine heart also.
 And of course I must include the love of my life.  The person who makes my heart sing everyday.  My wonderful husband Roger.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Only 5 more days until we really celebrate Valentine's on our cruise.

Don't forget to get some quilting in today.  Tonight is our quilt guild meeting and I hope to be able to get there before the speaker starts.  It's hard to manage since I work till 7pm.  But hopefully I will get to see some of the girls tonight.  Until then........

Happy Quilting

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh How I Love Surprises

Look what was in my mailbox when I got home tonight!!  Bonnie's new book and Tonya's also.  Now to check out all of the beautiful quilts in the books.
Don't you just love getting new quilting books!!
Happy Quilting,

Quilt Bee Fun

Last night my bee girls came over for some fun.  Mom was feeling better so she also came.  This was her first day out of the house in 3 weeks, except for the last doctor's visit.  Thanks goodness she is finally feeling better.  Rough five week battle with pneumonia.

Above is Suzanne's Texas Braid quilt she is working on.  Isn't it gorgeous!  She pieced 2 full braid strips here last night.  I love all of the fabrics used in this quilt.  It is such a trip down memory lane when you start looking at all of the scraps and where you've seen or used them in quilts before.  Another found quilt out of what would have been trash to some people.  Great job Suzanne.
Suzanne piecing the braid on her featherweight.

Above is Sue and Debbie working on a quilt Sue is piecing from Eneanor Burns book "Orion's Start Quilt".  Sue gave me the book for my 50th birthday last year and loved it so much she bought one for herself.  She had beautiful fabrics for the quilt.  Can't wait to see the completed top.  And knowing Sue it will be finished by next week!  Oh and don't miss their little helper trying to assist them in their venture........whiskers......he is just such a ham!

Debbie was also piecing on a client's quilt for an upcoming vendor booth.  She always does such beautiful work. 
Then here is mom piecing the string blocks for her Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt mystery.  She hasn't been able to piece on it in weeks since she has been sick.  It was great to see her sewing along last night.  I think she got 12 more string blocks pieced last night.

I was working on the friends quilt in my frame, still trying to get it completed for her.  I'm ready to get this done and out of my frame. 

Our quilt guild president Suzanne has issued a New Year's Resolution Challenge to our guild members.  To be part of the challenge you must make a pledge to complete a current UFO, an unstarted project gathering dust or another "quilty, sewing" project you want to get completed in the next 6 months.  So it is time for me to pick one of the many UFO's in my pile and make a pledge to get it done.  Now.......just which one will it be?

Happy Quilting Today.......the sun is actually shinning outside....Yippie!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Precious Neighbor

Roger and I have always said since we moved into this house 20 years ago that we could have have hand picked better neighbors.  God has truly blessed us with wonderful people who surround us.

Last night when I got home from work I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me.  One of our precious neighbors Mr. Green had trouble with his car and Roger worked on it for him.  Fred and his wife are always interested in what I am working on in my studio and that I love quilting.  He brought this to Roger for me last night.  Isn't it precious!
He also told Roger that he had been cleaning out an old house where he and his first wife (who passed away many years ago) had lived in Florida and found in a cedar chest a lot of her old amish quilts.  He wants me to come go through them and see if I would like any of them.  (Does a cat have a running gear?????)  You bet I want to look at them, and fondle them....hehehehe.   Oh by the way.......wonder if the little snow man was watching the weather forcast for is suppose to snow here today!

Happy Quilting,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Is Over

The 2011 Superbowl was a great game.  The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburg Steelers 31-25.  One of the best I've seen in a while.  No big blow out for either team.

Roger and I had a game board just between the two of us.  I won the first and third quarters of $25 each and Roger won the second and final.  He won $150 total.  Now to figure out how I can win that back from him.....hehehehe.

Yesterday was a wonderful day here.  The sun was out and not quite so cold.  We sat out in the swing for a long time just being together and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  Life is Good!

Have a great day,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tribute To A Special Hero

A Tribute to my precious Uncle Don--A Hero to his country, friends and family.  He will be greatly missed. 
Don Roy Adams
Oct. 10, 1936-Feb. 2, 2011

Don Roy Adams, 74, husband of Nancy Glazener Adams, went to meet his Lord aned Saviour, Wednesday February, 2, 2011 at his residence.

Born in Greenville, he was the son of the late Benjamin Woodfin and Lena Garrett Adams.

Mr. Adams was retired from Her Majesty and was a veteran of the United States Army.

He was a member of Mauldin First Baptist Church where he served as Elder's Men's Sunday School teacher. He also led many Bible studies and was a great Bible teacher and lived his life to serve Jehovah.

Surviving, in addition to his wife, are a son, Stephen D. Adams and wife, Kimberly, of Piedmont; a daughter, Donna A. Berry and husband, Jeffrey, of Union; two sisters, Joan Smith (Vernon) of Easley and Elaine Finley (Bob) of Belton; three brothers, James Adams (Betty) of Ball Ground, GA, Paul Adams (Betty) of Maudlin and Virgil Adams of Mauldin; adopted brother and sister, Charles and Marilyn Hazel of Mauldin; five grandchildren, Kevin, April, Stephanie, Regan and Ryan; three step grandchildren; and three great grandchildren.

Visitation will be held Friday, February 4, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at Thomas McAfee Funeral Home, Downtown. The funeral service will be held Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at First Baptist Church, Mauldin. Burial will follow in Greenville Memorial Gardens.

Uncle Don was such a wonderful man.  He was a wonderful christian man who strived everyday to give glory to his Lord and Savior.  Even in his suffering he gave God the glory for everything.  Many people's lives were affected by his calm spirit and giving heart.  I will forever miss his calm, easy sense of humor.  He could so easily slip a joke into your conversation and you never knew what had hit you until the laughter rang out.  the "boys club" as the 4 brothers were known were always planning some kind of get together.  They spent so many wonderful times together.  We granny Lena and Papa Ben had both passed away the six children made it a constant goal to stay close.  They would plan birthday outings, meet at least once a month as a group with their spouses and any other family members who wanted to attend for lunch at a given restaurant in town.  The waitresses knew the family well and always welcomed the group with smiles and laughter.  Now the five will strive to continue the closeness of the group. 

Uncle Don was the fourth born of the six children and he always picked on his younger sister Elane telling her that she was the oldest.    The funeral was beautiful with many friends giving testimony about how he had affected their lives.  The graveside ceremony was so touching, as I am sure all veteran funerals are, but the honor guard who played the most beautiful tapps that I have heard and did a graceful chilling flag ceremony went above and beyond.  It was one of the most moving I have ever wittnessed.  Uncle Don would have been so honored and humbled.  Now with the funeral over we move on to living our lives as he would have wanted us to service of others.

Now on to planning the cruise excursions and making sure my precious friend Kim has a wonderful time.   I am even planning on stepping outside of my comfort zone and going down the 5 traverses of a zipline in Belize.  Believe me....this is definately outside of this height fearing girl's comfort zone!  But life is too short to be afraid of anything. 

Today is SuperBowl Sunday!!   So who are you rooting for?  My family is divided as some are  packer fans and some are steeler fans.  I just really want it to be a good game...not a blowout on either side.  Let's make it interesting.

Hey I just realized that I haven't researched fabric stores in all of the ports we are going to.  I better make sure that there is not some fabric that just needs to find it's way back to my studio.  hehehehehe.

Have a great day quilting,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Wednesday.....Just 17 More Days!!

I can't believe that it is already February 2nd.  This year is already flying by.  It's just 17 more days until we leave for the cruise.  CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF TOWN! 
I've pre-ordered a copy of Tanya's new book and Bonnie's new book.  I'm hoping to get them in the next week or so.  They should be some great reading on the drive down to Tampa when we leave for our cruise.

I plan to take my cathedral window quilt to work on during the drive.  It has beenmy travel project for over 10 years now.  I want to get it finished this year!!
Happy Quilting,