Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching Up

Today has been a wonderful day. I've been able to spend it with my wonderful husband Roger. We've watched a movie, got our tax papers to the CPA, had lunch out and now I'm quilting in my studio while Roger is working in his garage. Life is blessed.

I'm working on my Bee Challenge piece. I got the background blocks pieced and cut out the freezer paper pieces for the rest of the flowers. Now to get them glued to the fabric pieces. I can't wait until I can start appliqueing them to the background blocks.

I have truly enjoyed working on this project. Parts I've done in my studio and other parts I've been able to do while watching TV with my honey.

We received a lot of ice and snow on Friday & Saturday. Pretty, but not when you have to get out and go to work in this stuff. Roger drove me to the ER Saturday and came back to pick me up. You would have thought people would have stayed in and off the roads, but oh no, everyone had to make a trip to the ER for NON-Emergency stuff!! Oh well, what can you say. Here's a picture of my garden bench with the ice on it, kinda a pretty picture.
The ice has started to melt today from our snow/ice storm this weekend. My goal is to blog more often this year, so hopefully it won't be as long until my next post.
Happy Quilting,

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julieQ said...

Love the icy garden bench, so pretty! I bet driving on the ice was not so pretty...but I am glad you had some husband time.