Thursday, April 22, 2010

14 Days and counting

Only 14 more days until we leave on our trip. Can't wait. We purchased a Garmin GPS for the car. Roger has been wanting one, so we thought this trip would be a great time to have the GPS. Now while driving we can see what attractions/museums etc are near our location. What a novel idea hugh.

Now I must start deciding what to pack for the 12 days we will be on the road. That is a lot of outfits and shoes. Although I know I will mainly be wearing my z-coils while at the show and doing all the walking there. If you've never seen z-coils check out the site.
They have cured my plantar fascitiis. I've been wearing them for nursing for 4 years now and man what a difference in your feet, knees and hips. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I know they are not the prettiest things in the world, but I can still walk and boy does it feel better. I recommend them to all my patients who have knee, back and ankle pain. check them out. I plan on getting a pair of the sandles this summer.
Better get busy and plan our driving route.
Hope you have a great day.


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