Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Wishes

Hope that each of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day, don't forget to thank any serviceman or woman that you see today for their service to our country.  I am so thankful for the freedom and liberty that we enjoy because of the dedication and sacrifice each of them has given.  God bless you all!

Today I plan on quilting another Kaleidoscope quilt.  Can't believe that I am already quilting another UFO.  Love this system from Pat Sloan.  I know that I have not been quilting alot in the past 2 months since dad passed, but I feel I am finally getting my head back in order and getting back on track.  Today the goal is to finish the quilting on this quilt.  Below is some of the progress so far this morning.  I got the quilt loaded into the longarm.
 Looks so good when you get a quilt loaded.....such a sense of accomplishment. 
 Today I decided to use my circle rulers for the first time.  I hope using circle quilting will help enhance the visual circle's you see from the pattern.
Getting started with the circles.  Using rulers is harder for me since I usually freehand everything on a quilt and I love to do that.  Holding the rulers still is more difficult than you would think.  But I think the effect will be great.
 Have a wonderful memorial day and happy quilting,


julieQ said...

I have been praying for peace for you this last while. Glad to see you, and what a wonderful quilt you re working on!

Shelia said...

Thank you Julie for all the prayers. I am so blessed with many friends who also have been praying for peace. Peace comes with time we know. But what better to do than something we love for healing.