Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crazy Day In The ER...Crazy Sugar Bowl Game!

I arrived at the Greer ER today for my shift and this is what I found hanging on my locker. 
It seems as though at the ER Christmas Party (which I could not attend) they gave out wacky awards and this was the award I was getting.  Yes I am the only ER nurse who has braces!  What a crazy bunch I work with there.  It gave me a great laugh before I stepped out of the locker room into a CRAZY BUSY UNENDING DAY IN THE ER!  I think we saw everybody in the state yesterday!! 

So glad to get home and relax some with my honey.  He was all ready for us to watch the Sugar Bowl Game with the Florida Gators playing Louisville.  I decided to stitch down some windows on my cathedral window quilt during the game. 
I was able to get another panel done during the game.  Needless to say the game was horrible.  I don't think the Florida players were even at the game......much less in the uniforms playing on the field.  I think they all hired imposters to fill their uniforms on the field.  Hats off to Louisville for playing their hearts out and they deserved the win!  At least I had a productive quilting few hours.

Before I forget...........Happy Birthday Teresa!!  Teresa is my cousin and sister that I never had.........Love you girl!

Happy quilting,

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