Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Running Errands With My Honey

Today Roger and I have been playing catch up with tons of errands to run.  On the way home we saw this unique antique shop in Greenville that we had never been into and decided to stop and stroll through the shop.

The front window was so you can see chickens were housed in the front windows. 
The shop was huge....we went into so many rooms I think you could have gotten lost and no one would even know you were there.  Some rooms I refused to go into....just too weird looking. 

Hanging in one room I saw this unique blazing star quilt.  Hand quilted fans.  Beautiful.  This is as close as I could get with all the stuff around.

 Walking through the rooms we suddenly found ourselves outside again.  As we wondered through all of the yard statues, old hub caps and stuff we came upon another chicken coup.  Go figure.  I think this was really just a hoarders junk shop.  We were not the only people in there looking around, but I never saw anyone who actually worked there.
Oh well, another interesting day in the life of this quilter.
Happy Quilting,

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