Friday, January 9, 2015

Quilt Bee Night

Tonight we met again for a wonderful evening of quilting.  Our bee is a productive group of ladies and each of us is always working on some project either for ourselves or usually for one of our philanthropy projects for Habitat for Humanity or Quilts of Valor.

Over the past week I have been going through all of my quilting books and magazine and sorting what I wanted to keep or donate to someone else.  I had a huge bag of quilting magazines that I had sorted and have to donate to the guild to sell at our next meeting.  Members bring in their old magazines and the guild sells them and donates the money to God's Pantry to provide food for the needy.  Each magazine can be purchased for 25 cents which is awesome for new quilters who can not afford to purchase quilting magazines for the hefty $6-7 prices in the stores.  It keeps the quilting inspiration flowing from one quilter to another.  I am glad to keep the inspiration going.  I also had a large box of books, most of them brand new which I had purchased from a quilting club over the years.  I had gone through the books and decided which ones I wanted to keep and those I wanted to donate to the guild or other groups.  Suzanne needed door prizes for the Gathering of Quilters sponsored by the Quilters of South Carolina coming up on February 7th.  She was able to take a lot of new books which she can use as door prizes at the meeting.  Another win-win situation for me:  I clean out my studio of books I don't want and she gains door prizes to inspire other quilters!

Mom was working on a quilt for her great grand-daughter Taylor.  Mom had pieced string blocks and wanted to use some of those in the quilt.  Below is a picture of the blocks on the design wall.
Mom used scraps of pinks, lights and purples to piece the scrap blocks from our bins of left over pieces under the cutting table. 
We then cut 8 1/2 inch squares from scraps of purples that we have for the alternating blocks.

Debbie was working on a commission crazy quilt for a client, and Sue was binding a Habitat for Humanity quilt which had been donated by a guild member.  We all had a great time passing the hours away.

Happy Quilting,

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