Saturday, April 11, 2015

Alberta's 81st Birthday Celebration

My mother-in-law Alberta turned 81 today and we were in Florida to see her and celebrate with family.

Below is Alberta with her cake, so surprised.

We were at her daughter Rhonda's house for dinner.

I also made her the favorite pie she loves, fresh strawberry.
 And yes I am going to eat a piece of this pie!!
Next it was on to taking those (dreaded by all) family photos.  (dreaded by all but priceless and appreciated at later dates by all I might add!)

First is Alberta and her two remaining children, Rhonda and Roger
Then to one of her grand-daughters Amanda.  Amanda lives hear her granny and is able to spend alot of time with her.  What a precious gift!
Next is Rhonda, Alberta, Amanda and Alberta's husband Danny all clowning around.
 Then there is Roger and myself with Alberta.
 Gift opening is always fun.
 Mom Alberta had wanted a rice cooker, so of course that is what she got.
Precious memories with family and blessed to still have her with us.  Happy Birthday Alberta.....we Love you!!


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