Saturday, June 13, 2009

Landrum Quilt Show

Today Debbie Fenton and I went to the Landrum Quilt Show. We had a great time. The quilt put on a beautiful show which was held in an elementary school. They also had 16 vendors with beautiful fabrics, books, hand dyed yarns, beads, you name it they had it.

Isn't this just a hoot! The black birds looking over the quilts.

This one was beautiful called "I remember mama" You could tell alot of special love went into every stitch.

Sorry for the sideways photo, can't quite get it turned for some reason. It was a beautiful hand appliqued and hand quilted piece. Alot of love and devotion went into this beauty.

After the show Debbie and I ate lunch at a really cute restaurant. I hope that you have also had a quilty dad today.

I liked the little fellow above since it is so HOT the 90's here. So here's to a little cool breeze.

Many blessings,


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