Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Time

Rance & Olivia arrived on Wednesday August 11th.  We were thrilled to have them here.  Rance has a beautiful, sweet wife and we are proud to have her in the family. 

Olivia, Roger and Rance
We were able to do a lot of different things with them.  On Thursday afternoon we went to the new IMAX theatre in Simpsonville.  We saw Inception.  It was a wind, fast paced movie.  I think it is on of those that you can see many times and still see something new each time.  The IMAX experience is something else.  You feel like you are actually in the movie because of the huge screen!
Olivia and I did some shopping Thursday morning.  We had a great time.  Rance and Roger toured the new garage.  Rance loved what his dad had done.
On Friday morning we left for Myrtle Beach.  Olivia had never seen the beach before.  Traffic was a little hairy at times, and HOT HOT HOT!  We stayed at the Palace Resort.  Our two bedroom suite had two balconies with views of the ocean.  We were on the 23rd floor!  You know I don't like heights.  I almost puked when I stepped out onto the balcony with Roger.  Too high for me.  A storm rolled through on Friday night and cooled things down a bit. 
We arrived early enough to go down to the beach and walk prior to sunset.  It was beautiful.  Olivia was so surprised at how beautiful it was.  We stayed up late Friday night playing cards and talking.  What wonderful time together.

Rance, Shelia and Olivia
Saturday it was overcast so not too hot.  We spent the morning on the beach getting bashed by the waves.  The winds were too strong for parasailing so we opted to play on the beach.
Rance and Olivia wanted to see the Dixie Stampeed so we booked the 8pm show.  During the afternoon we spend walking the boardwalk, seeing the Bowery (where Alabama got their start) and shopping.
While eating a snack I dropped food on my shirt (the one I was wearing to the Dixie Stampeed) so I needed to find another shirt while shopping.  We stopped at the outlet mall.  I found a great sale at Old Navy and purchased several shirts.  When leaving I walked into a sports shop where we found some Florida Gator stuff and then I spotted a Denver Bronco's shirt.  (Tebow is now playing NFL for the Bronco's).

Oliva, Rance, Shelia and Roger
As you can see, everyone else also liked the shirt I found, so we decided to wear them to the Dixie Stampeed.  We didn't have any trouble finding each other at the stadium.  We had a great time and the show was wonderful.
We returned home on Sunday the 15th.  Mom and Dad came up and we all grilled out steaks.  We had a grea time together and all six of us played cards until late.  Mom and Rance kicked our butts in rummy.

Monday night we took Rance and Olivia to Kampi Tokyo, a japanese steakhouse here in Greenville.  We had great food and our chef did a wonderful job.  Olivia had never been to this type of restaurant.  They gave here real chop sticks as a souvenier. 

Tuesday was spent getting things ready for their return home.  We sure hated to see them go.  What a wonderful week.  Now we have to get back to work so we can plan another fun gathering.  Maybe next time all the kids and grandkids can be here at the same time. 

My quilt guild show is coming up soon.  I have got to get things done to enter into the show.  So much to do and so little time left.  The flyer for our show is beautiful.  We will have a special exhibit honoring our veterans.  I can't wait to see all of the beautiful patriotic quilts.
Guess I better get busy and get my entries completed.  I must have my entry forms to our registration chairman by Sept. 7th.  And I won't turn in the form if I don't have the item completed.
Happy Quilting,


julieQ said...

I love your t-shirt picture!! Family time is just the best, isn't it?

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