Monday, May 30, 2011

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It's been a busy month so far. So many things going on . My work schedule has changed to allow me some additional flexability to help my parents. Dad has a lot going on right now and I need to be able to go to their doctor appointments.  I now will be working 20 hours in the ER per week and 20 hours from home coding patient charts.  The time at home is extremely flexible so I can work and be able to go with my parents. 

Mom and I have been working a project to help with a mission trip that some of the doctors and nurses from my ER are doing.  One of the doctors asked if we could turn some mesh laundry bags she purchased into some smaller mesh bags for hygiene kits they wanted to give out.  So off we went.  The first one took a little longer to figure out, but we made 275 total......whew......thanks to mom for all the help.  I cut and layered and she serged the edges.  Then we added the ties.  We started off turning down the tops to make a drawstring, but boy did that take tooooooo long.  We decided if we were going to get them done we would have to tack the draw strings to the outside and let them tie them together.  It worked great and we were able to move alot faster.  We finished Friday evening and Dr. D came and picked them up while I was working at Greer ER.

The first picture here is of the first few we worked on and putting the casing in and drawstring.

 This is mom working diligently on the serger.  See the stacks of blue, red and green bags that we are working on.
 This is Jax....he is Dr. D's dog and he was so excited with all of the bags he decided it was nap time.
 And here are the bags filled with the bars of soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste and deodorant.  I think it looks great and hope that they add a great blessing to the mission group.

 My flowers in the garden are looking great.  These are some of the tiger lillies that were from my birthday party last year.  All 8 of the plants we planted flowerd this year.  Don't you just love the color variation of the flowers.
 And the white easter lilly also bloomed this year.  It was also one of the plants someone gave me at the party.  What a wonderful blessing to see these beautiful blooms.
Hope you are having a great memorial day.  Thanks to each and everyone of the service men and women who ensure that we can live a safe and free life.  Life is good because of each one of you and the sacrifices you make everyday.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Happy Quilting,

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