Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was set aside for quilting.  Friday night Suzanne and Mom were able to come over for a little Bee time.  We had a great time.  I had to work until 7 p.m. so mom came up early so her and Suzanne could get started. 

Saturday Suzanne and Ginny were at Mauldin Fest to sell tickets on our guild's opportunity quilt.  But mom and I were here sewing.  Remember the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt mystery from Bonnie Hunter?...........Yes we are still piecing on that thing.  Each of the red blocks has 61 pieces in them and there are 30 of those blocks to piece and each of the string pieced blocks have at least 32 pieces in them and we have to piece 20 of those for the center, plus 18 half string blocks for the sides and 4 quarter string blocks for the corners.  WHEW!!

Below is a few of my blocks on the design wall.
 And below is my little 75 year old mother just piecing away like a little hamster on a wheel.  She wanted to get this thing done!  So she pieced and pieced and pieced.
As she pieced I would iron and square up the blocks for her.  Actually for all the tiny pieces in these blocks I think she did very good with her piecing.

Below is the first few rows sewn together.  It is confusing for me at times putting it together on point, just looking at the picture and thinking sideways......dah!

 We both were getting tired, but she continued to piece the rows together and I pinned and pressed for her.  Below is what we had accomplished by 9:00 p.m.  That's enough she said.......we'll do the border next time.  I think her quilt middle looks GREAT!  Way to go mom.
 My hubbie and son were in Richmond, Virginia for the race this weekend so I had full time quilting time.
Roger Jr.

My honey.
 Richmond Raceway.
Hope you have had a productive quilting day and weekend.
Many blessings,

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