Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is Today Monday......or just another CRAZY Emergency Room Day???????

Another crazy day in the emergency room.  Seems like just when you think things can't be any worse, something else crazy happens.  So glad to finally be home tonight.  But will be back there for another 13 hours tomorrow.  Be glad to get this week behind me.

Below is a dear friends 1955 Chevy convertible that Roger is working on at this time.  I LOVE this car......maybe someday it will be mine???

In the background you can see the 1947 black volkswagen that Roger is also working on at this time.  He just loves his garage and all of the older cars he gets to "play" with.

My fabric for our exchange finally arrived today.  I hope to get it washed and cut by tomorrow night.......that is if tomorrow doesn't turn into a 16 hour day at work.   I'll post some pictures later of the beautiful fabric......as I fondle all of the beautiful colors.

Spend the day quilting and relieve some stress.........quilt some for me today also.

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