Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bee Night With My Girls

It is always great to get together with my bee girls and have some fun laughing and quilting.

Tonight it was just four of us who could meet.  Gina and Susan were both out of town.  So me, mom, Suzanne and Sue got together to play.

Below we are sorting precut squares from my bin of 2 1/2 inch blocks to use as the block of the month at our January guild meeting.  Our block chairman asked members to make 9-patch blocks with white backgrounds to donate for a habitat for humanity quilt.  I had pulled out 12 sets for me and pieced them while we were talking.  They go together so quickly.  So now I have 12 blocks to donate for the habitat quilt. 

Mom, Sue and Suzanne are here also going through the same bin for some blocks to donate.  I think each of them found enough for at least 8-10 blocks each which means the four of us will be donating over 40 blocks to the cause.  And do you know the crazy could not even tell that we have taken that many blocks out of the bin.  Suzanne said there are enough blocks in that bin to make about 3 quilts.......I think she is so right.  It was amazing how quickly we all could pull together that many pieces for blocks which were already cut and ready to sew.  Thanks Bonnie Hunter for a wonderful system of using and sorting scraps of material.
 At our last bee night we had cut up a ton of fabric that was donated to our guild to us in Habitat quilts.  My Accuquilt cutter really came in handy that night.  Cutting out 80 squares at a time sure made the kit making go faster.  We packaged these up into kits and gave out to members at the guild meeting.  Mom took several of those kits and had been piecing away on them.  Below is one of the "brights" kits that she took.  We were laying it out on the design wall for her.  Isn't it cute.
 Below are pictures of one of the other kits mom pieced.  It is also going to be a wonderful habitat quilt for someone.

 And my baby girl........she has been sick lately and was sleeping on my quilt in the livingroom when I snapped this picture.
Happy quilting,

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