Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trying To Update But Blogger Is Ticking Me Off Today!

I am trying to update my blog for days now and every time I try to upload a picture the blogger stops working....GRRRRRRRRRRR!
Now I'm defragging my computer and cleaning up files.....who knows maybe that will work.
In the mean time I hope to have some pictures and updates soon.
I can't believe that it finally let me put a picture in here.

Now to the update:
Roger and I decided to get away the other day and just go for a ride, walk through some antique shops.  The first little place we stopped was The Copper Kettle.  The older gentlemen who owns it was so sweet.  And of course he and Roger were talking old cars before I knew it.  And yes that is an old outhouse sitting out front.

I purchased a shoe box crammed full of old wooden thread spools.  You could not get another one in the box.  When I emptied the box I had 310 spools.  Some of them are Silk Thread from the Japan Silk company.  Here they are all laid out on my cutting table.
And below is how I decided to display them in my studio. 
Next we walked through downtown Landrum and went into an antique shop there.  I found a beautiful double wedding ring quilt made from scraps.  I loved it.......and of course it came home with me.

Next my husband has been the mechanic for a dear friend's antique automobiles for about 20 years now.  This friend has been sick recently and started to sell all of his collector cars.  Roger purchased the 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.  Boy is she ever nice.  He took a picture of the car with his truck.  They sure look pretty in front of the garage.  In the 2nd bay from the right you can see the wheel of our 1929 Chandler sitting in there.  Boys and their toys.....but I can't complain because he gave me an awesome quilting studio to play in.
More updates to come if blogger cooperates.
Happy Quilting,

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