Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cleaning Studio And Sorting Scrap Buckets

Today has been a day of running errands and now cleaning my studio.  I decided that my scrap buckets under the Accuquilt were way past running over and needed to be contained some how.  I decided to sort them into red/white/blue patriotic scraps which could be used to make another Quilt of Valor, another bin for regular scraps and a third bin for crumbs.  My wonderful husband decided to take a break from painting the house and helped me sort.  We were making great progress until Mr. Whiskers decided to dive into the scrap bucket.
See this face.....who could be mad at that face????  "What....can't I help sort?"
Now we have sorted the scraps into these bins.  Looks much better now.  Hopefully someone will be able to take the red/white/blue ones and piece a scrappy patriotic quilt.  There were some beautiful scraps that we have cut into the last few QOV that we pieced.  Should be a great mix of fabrics for the next one from fabric that would have been thrown away a few years ago.
The last bin is the crumb bin.....which was the hardest pile for my husband to agree to put pieces into.  But a great mix of small pieces of fabric are here.
The leaves are gorgeous right now and in my yard falling by the millions.  Seems like our oak trees never fail to be putting something, acorns, leaves, etc.  Oh well, we love the shade so no whinning.  Now on to getting another quilt loaded into the longarm. 
Happy Quilting,


Birdblocks said...

So funny, I just found your blog. Love the scrapsorting. The funny bit? I use the same IKEA bucket (only in red) here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands :-)
Groetjes, Merel

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