Saturday, November 2, 2013

QOV Finish

I finished a QOV last night that Suzanne had brought to me to quilt.  I finished sewing the binding on and down.  I refused to go to bed last night until it was done.  Put it in the washing machine this morning.  Below is the quilt as I took it out of the frame.
Such a pretty pattern the quilter used.  Carolyn Gibbons pieced this top and did a wonderful job.  She also sent the backing, binding already made and the presentation pillow case.

Below is after the quilt was washed.  Ready to give someone some comfort.
 I love the texture of the quilting after the quilt is washed. 
And of course no quilt is complete without the label.  Now all we have to do is add the name of the deserving serviceman or woman.
I am so blessed that someone in our military has made it possible for me to be able to pursue my passion of quilting.  I'm honored to help in this endeavor for Quilt of Valor.
Happy Quilting,


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