Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Quilting Plan For 2015........UFO (Unfinished Object) Busting.

I don't necessarily make New Years Resolutions, but I do make plans that I want to accomplish in the year.  I am a list maker and completer so resolutions is not really what I do.  I set a goal, make a plan, and then accomplish it.  That is they way I have always done and guess that I always will.

The first decision I made for this year is that I have plenty, plenty.....can I say plenty of fabric.  I do not plan on purchasing ANY fabric this year.  I want to use the fabric that I currently have in my stash and make projects with this current material.  Below is a picture of my current stash.  As you can see it is overflowing and needs to be used.

So with that being said, I have reviewed my pile of UFO's using the Pat Sloan system again.The original plan was posted on this link Finishing UFO's January 7, 2012.  From this original plan I have finished some of those quilts and of course I have added some more to this pile.  I am starting with that list, taking out those completed, and adding the new projects to this list. Pat Sloan suggests that you pick 3 to 10 projects from your sorted groups to finish this year.  She suggests that you
  1. Pick one that is Fast to finish-  My Christmas Braid
  2. Pick one that has a Current Deadline - A Quilt of Valor for Suzanne to award
  3. Pick one you So love working on- I have a Halloween Rag Quilt from scraps
  4. Pick one that is a Long Term project- My Cathedral Window travel quilt.
  5. Pick one or two that will be Gifts!-  I have two quilts for family that I am piecing.
  6. Pick one you Love and can finish easily- My 3-D quilt from Lanette Edens class
I pulled out all of my UFO's both those on the old list which still remain and any new UFO's which have been added since the original list was make and the projects are sorted into the following groups:
  • Group A:  Almost Done
  • Group B:  Almost Done....but I do I really want to finish it???
  • Group C:  Partially Done--I love and want to finish
Now I do have to add a disclaimer here.  This list does not include any of mom's projects that I will be quilting for her, so those must be intermixed with my projects as those are very important for me to quilt for her.

Happy Quilting,
More to come.....