Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Quilt Pictures From MQS

Some more pictures from MQS. Sure hope you enjoy seeing all of these beautiful quilts as much as I do.

This quilt was huge! It was round and went at least 1 foot above the hanging rods for the show. You can see that I am 5ft 2inches tall and only come part way up the quilt. Beautiful workmanship in this quilt.

This quilt is by Gina Perkes. I took her class "Creative Uses For Grids". This was her class sample. I'm sure that you have seen it on many quilting magazines. It was gorgeous upclose.

This next quilt is one that I sent pictures of to Susan (my bee buddy) because she loves roosters. It was not in the show, it was actually a decoration in one of the vendor's booths. Loved the log cabin border blocks. The rooster was thread painted on black fabric and the background of the rooster has chicken wire quilting.

Isn't he precious!

If he had been for sale I would have had to get him for sure.

Roger is so excited that he only has 2 1/2 more days until his lift is installed. He has been working on a showcase for his antique fishing lures.
The case is 5ft long. He completed it today and hung it on the wall in his garage.

I think it really looks great with all of the lures hanging in the box. (sorry for the glare on the glass, I tried to get the best picture I could.

Next you can see a close up of the drawer pulls he used for handles. I bought these for him many years ago when he was thinking about making a case for the lures. The little bass pulls are so cute.

I think he did a great job on the showcase.

Guess I better get back to work, I have to study to recertify my ACLS tomorrow.
Happy Quilting,


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