Monday, June 28, 2010

Waste Not Want Not

While I was finishing up the star quilt I used some of the extra space on the size and bottom of the backing & batting to quilt some more practice pieces and fabric that I can use to make zippered bags for our Quilt Show Boutique.  I thought why waste this extra backing and batting just being used to float the quilt.  So below are some of the extra pieces I quilted to use for this purpose.

This block was one I had in a box of orphaned blocks from years of doing block exchanges and block quest at our monthly meetings.  Alot of months I would make one to donate at the meetings and one as my practice block.  Now this block will become a quilted zipper bag for the Boutique.

This block below is one I may make into a small tote/gift bag.

And now...........the Friendship Star Quilt is coming out of the longarm.  At the bottom of the quilt...on the can see the two sections of extra fabric that I quilted to use in other projects. 

I really like the floating star look of this quilt.  I used scrap fabrics to make the stars and the borders.  The borders are make of 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch bricks which were cut from scrap fabrics in my stash.  I just pulled all of the blues I had from the box of already cut bricks and pieced the borders.  That made it very convenient to piece.  Now to get to work on the binding.  It's 96 degrees outside and muggy so I don't think I will be sitting underneath a quilt sewing down a binding today...maybe later.
Until later,
Happy Quilting Everyone!


vivian said...

96 and muggy-gotta love SC! Your cc's look great!

Shelia said...

Thanks Vivian, yes it is muggy and HOT

julieQ said...

Hi Sheila! Maybe some rain is heading your way, it is raining here in Texas now. Your patriotic quilt is wonderful! I bet having a longarm is wonderful fun...and thank you for your encouragement about ahead and getting my CCRN!