Monday, June 7, 2010

We've Ordered The Car Lift

Roger is so excited. Friday we ordered the car lift for his garage. That is the last big item!! Yippie!!
He picked the Rotary lift for the garage and they will be installing it this Friday June 11th. This is a picture from the company website of the lift he is buying. (I don't think the guys come with the lift....he he he) The lift he is getting is one that will lift 10,000 lbs. Which will be great for the Chandler since it weighs so much.

I've been working a massive amount of hours lately due to the other 2 coordinator's being out. I've had only 2 days off in the last 18 days!! Needless to say I am tired. So what do I do on my 2nd day off???? I'm cleaning out closets! Go figure.......but I have to get it done sometime and today is the day.

I still have to finish unpacking and sorting all the things I bought at MQS and putting all my notes into a book so I can find them when I want them. I had such a great time on that trip.

This picture is of me and Roger on the trip. We're at Buffalo Wild Wings. Loved the food.

I found out after I got home that one of my 2nd cousin's lived in Kansas City. I got a voice mail from him when we got home. Bummer, I would have loved to have seen him while we were there.

I better get back to sorting closets if I am going to get done before I have to be at work in the morning.

Happy Quilting,


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julieQ said...

What a wonderful thing for your husband! I can't show mine, he will be so jealous...these car guys, I tell you!