Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thirteen Days Post-Op

Today has started off alot better than any of the last thirteen days.  It is amazing how much different you feel when you actually get some sleep!
I go back to Dr. Greene tomorrow morning to see if he will let me return to work next week.  He was hesitant on Monday to say yes so we will see.
Mom and I have been working on pillowcases some during my time off this week, last week was a total blurr.  We have 70 pillowcases completed so far.  I think that is wonderful.  We went to Handcock Fabrics yesterday and they had a 60% off sale on a lot of novelty fabrics.  We were able to get some additional cute fabrics for the cases.  Batman, GI Joe, Horses, Wizards, Travel etc.  We should have enough fabric left to give to the sewing committee to make some draw sheets also.  What fun it would be to come out of surgery and have Batman draw sheet under your butt!!
Below is a picture of a quilt I made, scrappy bargello, using Bonnie Hunter's pattern over at  It was easy and fun to use up some of those 2 1/2 inch strips in my stash.  I am taking this to my precious uncle Don who has cancer and is fighting diligently to overcome. 

I was so glad that my friend Debbie over at reminded us to make a pillowcase to put our quilts in that we give as gifts.  Since my uncle Don is a veteran I decided to make his pillowcase patriotic. 

As you can see in the pictures the pillowcase stripped part has the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

I loved that I had the fabric in my stash.  I think he will be tickled.  Mom and I are taking the quilt to him this afternoon.  Boy will he be surprised.  And of course my friend Susan would say it is not complete without it's label.

I was president of my quilt guild Nimble Thimbles in 1995.  Boy that was a long time ago.  But yesterday I decided it was time to get my president top quilted.  My vice president at the time was my dear friend Kay Kirk.  She pieced the top that was presented to me at our Christmas social that year.  Needless to say it has been awaiting it's time in the longarm.  But wait no longer, it's day has come!

The pattern was a lattice and it is beautiful.  Hopefully I can get it completed before returning to work next week.

Better run now.  Hope that you have a wonderful day.  Don't forget if you are in South Carolina to come to the Aunt Het Quilt Show, sponsored by my quilt guild this weekend.  Oct. 2nd & 3rd.  Saturday 9a-6p and Sunday 12p-4p.  Come on Saturday and vote for your favorite quilts.  Vendors will have beautiful quilt related items. 
Happy Quilting,

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