Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where has December and 2010 Gone?

It is hard for me to believe that it is already December 29th.  Where has this year gone?  When you are young everyone is always telling you to slow down and enjoy your time because as you age time passes faster.  I guess I never really believed it until the past 10 years.  It is amazing how fast time passes now.  It seems like only yesterday that Roger and I married and it is almost 22 years now.  This is the time of year to reflect on your goals and reset those that you did not meet.  I feel blessed to have completed many of the goals we set for this year.
--We completed Roger's Garage
--We purchased the lift for the garage
--I was able to attend a national quilt show and take classes on longarm quilting (thanks to my wonderful husband and my birthday present)
--We are on our way to being debt free in 34 more months (what a blessing that will be to complete)
--We are blessed to still be able to help our parents each month.
--Mom and I have gotten to spend a lot of time quilting this year.  How amazing it is to see her patiently piecing away on her quilts.  How special it is to be able to spend time with her doing what we love.
--I am also blessed to have a wonderful quilt bee that always makes me laugh....laughter is great for the soul!!
--We are also blessed with wonderful children and precious grand children.....who in my opinion are growing up way too fast.  That is really when you realize how fast time is passing when you blink and see your oldest grand child turn 17!
--Precious friends who we have lost this year are still precious in our memories.
--New friends who we meet on our journies through the year become a light in your life.
--Blessings of a wonderful husband who is always there for you no matter how horrible your day has been, he can always remind you how special you are.  What a truly blessed woman I am.
--Oh yeah, I am thankful for the patience to cut out all of those tiny pieces needed for the Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt Bonnie Hunter is doing.  Mom is having a great time, just wait until she see's all those quarter square triangles she is getting.   He He He!!!
I wish for each of you a wonderful, blessed new year which gives you the time you need to pursue the passions of your heart!!
Happy New Year to everyone and many more years of Happy Quilting,

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