Sunday, March 20, 2011


The bee girls and I decided to have a quilt-a-thon to get some projects completed including some habitat for humanity quilts that needed to be pieced and quilted.
We started on Thursday afternoon and kept going until late Saturday night.  What a blast.
We were able to get a total of six quilts quilted.  Some of which we had to complete the piecing, piece the backing and then quilt.
Below is a picture of Suzanne who is quilting her Texas Braid quilt.  This was her first panto on my machine, below you can see she even made her own panto to follow.  Such a talented lady.

 I finished quilting Jenny's quilt and hope to get it to her tomorrow.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt.

Our guild president, Suzanne, issued a new year's resolution challenge in which we had to list a project that we wanted to get done before our June meeting.  We had to fill out a pledge and submit a picture of the project in it's current state.  Those who don't finish will be changed a fine.......a half-yard of fabric!!
Below is my challenge and my progress.  It is a round robin that I was part of a couple of years ago.  We took a poster, cut it up and gave pieces of the poster to the other members who had to recreate it in fabric.  I'm doing some thread painting and texture quilting.  I really think it might just turn out nice.
 This is a close up of the flower pot and the texture of pebbles that I am doing.  Kinda like it.
 Background texture.
 This is our resident designer, Deb, she was having to test a pattern for Studio E fabrics, so I was the recepient of the test project.    HEHEHE!!
Suzanne is here quilting on her second quilt which was a Carolina Chain pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  She had a blast.
 Susan was piecing on her challenge which is 25 blocks from a block of the month.  They are black/white and bright colors.  Beautiful work.
 Sue was teaching us how to make a pillowcase with totally enclosed seams.  Awesome, easy technique.  Of course, whiskers thought he should be helping.
 I quilted the next quilt for habitat which was beautiful.
 Mom was busy piecing away on two other habitat quilts.  She was able to get the tops pieced and now just needs to add borders.
Here is the project mentioned above that Deb made, I couldn't get the picture to move to the right position.........DAH!  She made a cute shoulder bag. 
Deb also finished the backing on her habitat quilt then loaded it into the longarm.  She was able to quilt it in less than an hour.  It was where did the picture go?????

Next Suzanne, Deb and I worked on a secret project.  I can't give details now, but will let you in on the project later.  Suzanne and I started and the directions were horrible.  So we enlisted Deb's help, since she writes so many pattern instructions for designers, to help us figure out what was wrong.....because of course it was not our piecing that was making it come out wappyjawed!  And of course she instantly realized that the cutting instructions were off.  Go figure.
A little adjusting and off we were to piecing and cutting.

Hope you have had a great weekend piecing....we sure have had some fun, laughing, quilting, sewing and of course eating goodies!
Happy Quilting,

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