Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Happening??

Well another day of catching up on what's been happening here at the Chandler house.
The last 14 days have really been a blurr for me.  I've worked 12 of the last 14 days........whew!!  Both hospitals have really been short staffed and I have had to work alot of extra time........but in the long run it will help me meet some goals quicker.  (and you know somewhere that will include some fabric).

We had quilt bee at Suzanne's house Friday night.  And boy did I need that de-stress time.  It is always such fun to be around the girls.  We laugh so hard sometimes I think I will die.  But what better medicine for stress than laughing your butt off with good friends.

Suzanne finished a secret project last week at my house and quilted it with the long arm.  I can't reveal the project at this time because it is going to someone very special in her life......but later I will post a picture of this gorgeous quilt.

Sue finished piecing a top from scraps.  Can't see Sue behind the quilt, but she is hiding there somewhere.......wish I could hide behind a quilt top.....hehehehe.
That is also Suzanne's Carolina Chain quilt hanging over the couch back.  Beautiful.

 Last week on my one day off I (dah) decided that I needed to clean out some of the spaces in my studio.  Boy do I have a mess now!!  I started gleaning through my patterns that I've collected over our years of traveling.  Every time I go into a quilt shop while traveling I feel I should support of course I come out with fabric and patterns.  Which is great until you have drawers of these lying around.  So I have gone through them and decided which one's I'm still interested in doing and those that I don't feel I will make now, due to changes in what I like, I'm going to donate to our guild's hospitality chairman to use as door prize gifts.  I think I'm going to do my books the same way. 

We've had a lot of rain lately and my flower garden is taking off. Below are my siberian iris which are all blooming now. Beautiful.

Below is a picture of what Debbie was working on at Bee Friday night.  I tried to get these in order but this program is really being a pain in the you know what!!
This is a sample for a client's new fabric line.  Beautiful work Debbie.  It is so inspiring to be part of such a talented group of ladies.
This weekend Roger and our son Roger Jr. are going to a race in Richmond Virginia.  So guess what I'll be doing.......QUILTING with my bee girls!!!!

We're quilting Friday night, all day Saturday and even Sunday if they feel the need for more time.  I'm so excited.  Several are bringing over quilts to go into the longarm and I also hope to complete some quilting this weekend.  So I have got to get busy and get my room cleaned back up for all of the excitement.

Hope you have a great week,

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