Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Awesome Surprise!

My son and husband have been up to some sneakiness.  They have been ploting a surprise for me.  Didn't think that they could actually keep a secret.....but guess I was soooooooo wrong.  Roger Jr.'s step father had an old machine from his grandmother that he was wanting to get rid of.  Roger Jr. knew that I loved sewing/quilting and he asked if he could buy it for me.  He and his dad talked and they put together a surprise.  When he and Daniel arrived Friday morning he had this hidden inside the cab of his truck. 

This is my surprise.....a treadle sewing machine.  This is the spinx model and when I searched the serial number at the singer company website I found out that it was made in 1894.
The machine is beautiful.  It needs cleaning up as it has been stored in a shed for years.  All of the drawers are intact and full of stuff.  I can't wait to go through all of the stuff.
 The decals are beautiful, it has egyptian spinx on it.  How interesting that this is the model that they put those decals on.  Some fine scratches but overall beautiful.  All of the mechanisms turn freely.  Need a belt for the treadle but it moves freely.  Roger is going to clean and oil everything up for me and get it into sewing order.  I'll go online and find a belt to order.  As far as I can tell that is all it needs, except maybe some new needles.

 It also has the coffin case cover. 

This is information I found about the treadle machine.
 And a line drawing of the sewing mechanism patent application.

Boys I really think  you outdid yourself this time.  I must have really done something right to have such a wonderful son and husband.  Thanks for the great surprise.  I am going to have a blast learning to use this machine.  Next time we have a power outage I can still quilt......hehehe.

I'll post more pictures as we get it cleaned up and all the stuff sorted.

Happy Quilting,


Debbie said...

Wow, how great is that! They did good and the machine is a beauty.

O'Quilts said...

That is wonderful! I always wanted one like that so I could sew when that electricity goes out!! Husband thinks that is a bit neurotic:) He already knows how to use one from growing up in Ireland.

Sheila said...

Every sewing room needs a a treadle sewing machine! Even if you never use it, you will alway enjoy having it there, just to look at. Enjoy!

Linda said...

What an awesome gift and surprise! You know you are loved when someone works so hard to find something special for you!