Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Cute Surprise

Hope you had a safe 4th of July.  The ER was hopping yesterday.  It always amazes me how many people "choose" to come to the ER on a holiday.  Oh well...  Some of the staff  working decided to order some BBQ from a local restaurant just in case we actually got a chance to eat.  At the last minute I realized I had to run down to the ATM for cash which lead to my little surprise.

The hospital I do prn (as needed), ie., my extra cash shifts, is a fairly new hospital and when they were moving from the old hospital into the new hospital they had employees decorate tiles to be used as decorations in the new facility.  I had never seen the "family tree" that was made until yesterday when I went buzzing down to the ATM.  You see working in the ER you spend 99.99999% of your time in the ER, rarely do you get out of the area so you don't get much time for sight seeing.  The ATM is in the basement tucked under a stairwell......????? don't know who's bright idea that was but lest I wonder.

This is the tree.  Isn't it cute!  It's located outside one of the visitor elevators (another reason I've never seen it).

 I had to take a minute or two just to see some of the tiles upclose. 
The variety was precious.  Just like quilters, we each have special talents and God gives us ways to express them everyday.
 There were lots of nursing tiles.
But this one with the two fat cats really caught my eye.  Looks like it could have come from my own house.
Thus I digress.  Didn't have time to get more pictures as I had to scurry back to the ER.  Just wanted you to see the beautiful work.

Don't forget the Red, White and Blue Bloghop continues today.  It is hard to believe that it is already July 5th.  Don't forget that on the bloghop if someone hasn't posted yet to pop back over later in the day.  There are quilters participating from all over the world and there are many many time zones involved.
Find some time today to pop over and enjoy all of the excitement on the bloghop.

Happy Quilting,


Carrie P. said...

Hey Sheila,
thanks so much for visiting my blog. good luck in the giveaway.
those tiles look like a quilt from far away.
Working in the ER, wow! I can only imagine how stress- ful that can be.

Sheila said...

hopped over from "sew we quilt " had to see what a fellow "Sheila" was up to. scrolling down, its not just the name we have in common, i am a (retired )nurse, also married to a "Roger". From the other side of the world. I'd laugh if yours is a teacher or into IT