Monday, July 23, 2012

Treadle News

Roger is cleaning and oiling the treadle and base for me.  Everything seems to be in great working condition.  While Roger is cleaning and oiling the machine I decided to clean out the 5 drawers in the cabinet.

This is the pile of stuff that was in the drawers.  WOW!  So cool to go through each drawer and see what the last seamstress had put into the drawers.  This pile is just of the sewing stuff that was there.  I also had tubes of glue, piliers, picture hanging brackets, paper clips, push pins, a combination lock with the combination tag still attached, adding machine paper, an electrical cord..?? bows, an old curler and bobbie pins.

There were 5 pairs of scissors, 12 bobbins for the treadle, many spools of thread and some of them very old, buttons, pins, needle threaders, machine parts, screws, a roll of stitch witchery and 3 keys......and one of them fits the machine top!  YIPPIE!!
 Below are some pictures of the manual and a loose page that I found in one of the drawers.
 This page was torn but laying it together it shows the attachments for the machine.  (all I want it to be able to do is sew a straight seam.....and I will be a happy camper).

 Roger's cleaning job on the base of the treadle.  Beautiful piece of history.

Do you ever think about what someone would say if they were to clean out your sewing room 100 years from now????

Until next time.....Happy quilting,

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Mary said...

I love vintage machines. What a treasure!