Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catching Up.....Again.

I can't believe that it is March 6th today.  Time has truly flown this past month and alot has happened, good and bad.  But today I realize that God has the masterplan and is in control of everything and we are moving on.

I will try to catch up on some of the things that have happened in the past few weeks.  Sorry for the vacant blog but life just was too crazy to write about anything.

One of the crazy happenings in the past month was my husband had an episode where we thought he was having a stroke.  Scarry for all of us.  The final diagnosis was Global Transient Amnesia.  A rare condition where someone forget everything that happened in a certain concrete period of time.  He lost an 8-9 hour period of time on February 15th.  He doesn't remember anything that happened from 2:30 pm until about midnight that night.  I had left for work at 2:30 and he kissed me goodbye as usual.  When I arrived at work at 2:45 pm I had 7 calls on my phone from him, looking for me.  When I returned the call he didn't know where I was and said he was a little confused.  My boss drove me back to my home where I enroute dispatched EMS.  When I arrived he couldn't remember even talking to me, although he did know who I was.  When EMS arrived he knew who he was, but it was 1985 and he said Jimmy Carter was the President. 

After many tests, CT, MRI, MRA, EEG, Cardiac Echocardiogram, etc. the neurologist said no stroke, but Global Transient Amnesia.  He told us that it was rare and that nothing specifically he did caused it and it may never happen again.  He may get back pieces of that day or never get any of it back.  As of today he hasn't gotten any of that time period back.  But other than that he is his normal self.  But a scary time for me and him.  We did find during this ER stay that he was hypertensive and is now on medications.  We felt lucky that at 62 he was not on any meds until now.  But much better than a stroke.  Many prayers were answered.

So as you can see my stress level has been out the roof lately.  Both of our sons came in for the incident and were able to spend some time with their dad.  A very good thing.  God reminds us at times how precious the time we have is and not to take any day for granted.

Over the next few days I will fill in some of the other things that have happened.

Happy Quilting,


Debbie said...

good gosh, girl!!! I thought our lives went haywire, but this is unbelievable. So glad Roger is ok. One day at a time. Hugs.

Mara said...

I hope he doesn't have any more episodes, how scary.

Hank Summers said...

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