Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent Quilting And Other Stuff

Roger is doing great, that 8 hour period of time he says is just a story that he can't remember.  So we are moving on.  No need to dwell on something that may never happen again, per the doctor's.

While the kids were in town I was able to get some great family pictures.  Below is little Anthony with his grand father, Roger Jr, and his great-grand father Roger Sr.
Isn't that a precious picture.  He threw that little hand up and touched his grandfather's face and I just had to snap.  SWEET!

Below are some of the recent projects of mine and mom's that I have gotten quilted.

The first here is a table runner that mom made from some 9-patch blocks she had made up.  Amazing what you can do with some stray blocks.
 I quilted it using an allover free hand feather.  I think it turned out pretty.
 Next is a piece that I had left over from making my yellow and brown texas braid quilt.  I decided to make it into a table runner.
 I decided to quilt it using the same free hand "wheat" looking pattern that I did on the quilt.  Love those colors.  I'm going to put this on the coffee table that is in the sunroom.
 Below is another one of mom's projects.  It is a blue and yellow quilt.  It's been in the "needing to be quilted" pile for a while.  I think she finished piecing this 2 years ago.  And of course her quilter, ME, just got around to quilting it for her.   I just love blue and yellow quilts.
 Beautiful floral fabrics in this quilt.
 The next one is also one of mom's projects which had also been in the "needing to be quilted" pile.  It has alot of christmas fabric 9-patch blocks.  Some of the fabrics were even Elvis Christmas fabric.  What a hoot!!
 After it is all said and done scrap quilts have a life of their own.  It's like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.  You never know what you are going to get until you get it done.  I think it is great!
On the bottom left is another project I got quilted for mom.  It was a secret sister table runner she received in 2010.  So I had a productive couple of days getting things quilted.  Four of mom's projects out of my "need to be quilted" pile and one accidental (left over) project I turned into a table runner for me.
Next I'll post some pictures of the progress of the studio addition.  I am so excited at the progress.  Hopefully by the end of summer we will be all settled into our new quilting space.

Happy Quilting,

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