Friday, March 15, 2013

Guess Who's Building A Store In Greenville?????

Jo-Ann Fabrics!!!!
This store will be 2 miles from my house!! YIPPIE!!  It is scheduled to open this summer.  It is being built where the old Circuit City was across from Haywood Mall.  In the same strip with Toys R Us.  

 My husband has been very busy this past week getting some of his "To Do" list completed.  Below he has reroofed our swing.  Love that swing and the tranquility it gives.  Thanks Roger for bringing her back to life!
He also has been hard at work on my studio addition.  Here he is laying out the forms for the new walkway.  I'm starting to get excited.  Now if the weather will stay pretty so he can work outside.
Update on mom (AKA Energizer Bunny Quilter):  Mom fell last Friday (off a step ladder which at 77 years old she should not have been up on!) and has a couple of compression fractures in her back.  L4 and T12.  She is in a TLSO brace which goes from the hips up to her sternum.  Still a good deal of pain.  We did a MRI yesterday and will see the neurosurgeon on Monday to get the results.  Susan is now calling her "tumbleweed"  hehe.  I'm sure it won't take the bunny long to get back up and going again. 

So as usual there is never a dull moment here!!.  Hopefully she will be much better soon.

Happy Quilting,

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