Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying A New Layout For The Blog

I decided to try some new layouts on my blog to see how it would look.  Let me know what you think.
My lilies are blooming and they are gorgeous this year.  I think all the extra rain we got earlier this year has really given them the extra boost they needed.

Today Roger and I were able to run a lot of errands that we've been needing to do.  We started out at County Square picking up some forms for work.  We were out of committal forms and we seem to be using more and more of them lately.  We then went to PetsMart to pick up cat food, both cats were a little miffed that we had run out of their favorite canned noticed the word favorite, it's not that we were out of food....just their picky little favorite one!!  What spoiled little brats they are.
Our last stop was at Sam's Club.  Now mind you we only went there for Popcorn Oil............$349 later we were out.  Man I love and hate that place.
This evening I am quilting on two of my 74 year old mom's small tops she pieced and asked me to quilt for her.  I am so proud that at her age she is piecing quilts.  She really enjoys making scrap quilts.  She uses scrap blocks, strips etc. and just pieces and pieces.  I think I have several tops that she has pieced in my to be quilted stack.
This top is one she pieced for a friend of hers.  I'm quilting it with purple thread.  I think she will like what I've done.
This is a top that I started mom piecing this past weekend.  I had some happy blocks from an exchange and didn't know what to do with them.  Mom came up to sew and didn't have a new project started.  So while I finished the quilting on the star quilt she started adding black sashing strips to these blocks.  I really like how the black makes the blocks pop.
Better get back to quilting so I can finish her tops and get them back out of the machine.  Suzanne is suppose to bring me a Habitat for Humanity top tomorrow.  I promised to quilt one for the guild.  I plan on quilting on it tomorrow.  Some of the bee girls will be coming over again tomorrow night.
Until then......Happy Quilting,

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