Friday, October 22, 2010

Pillowcases for Shriner's Hospital Greenville SC--Goal Accomplished and Then Some!!

I am so thrilled to announce that we have exceeded my original goal of making 100 pillowcases for the children of Shriner's Hospital here in Greenville.  We have 128 pillowcases!! 

Thanks to my mother, my bee girls and several of my quilt guild members for helping me accomplish this goal.  The children are going to be so thrilled when they reach into their Christmas stockings and pull out their own special pillowcase.   We have cases with Mickey Mouse, GI Joe, cats, dogs, ducks, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, mice, flowers, geometric designs and so many wonderful bright colors.  It is exciting to see them all.

Hope that you are enjoying the cool fall weather and spending some time quilting.
Happy quilting,

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