Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bee Night Activity

Last night we were able to get started hand quilting on my mother in law Alberta's quilt.  We had a great time.  I haven't hand quilted in a long time so it took me a little while to get my stitches to where I wanted them.  We had lots of laughs as we all worked at getting our minds back into hand quilting.  Here is (left to right) Gina, me, mom and Suzanne.  Mom can't do the close up work yet after her surgery but she kept us going while we quilted.
 Alberta has put so many little details into this quilt. We had a great time as we did each turn seeing what she had embroidered in the blocks.  Once we were quilting away when Gina said "I can't wait to turn so I can see what else she has put into this block".  Alberta's embroidery skills are wonderful and we were in awe as we quilted to see all of the details.  I'll post pictures sometime of some of the little details in the blocks.  Wonderful memories for this quilt.

Roger was out in the garage working "playing".  Whiskers was his helper.  "this is my car......don't touch"........hehe what a boy.

Off to work this morning.  Have a great day quilting.

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Karen M said...

I am thrilled for both you and your MIL that this quilt is being finished. If I lived near you, I would be helping. I am cheering you on from afar.