Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Quilting Time

I have so enjoyed this weekend and getting to do some quilting.  Some alone, some with mom and some with the bee girls.  Quilting is such a stress reliever for me and I soooooo needed that.

I started out remember making some of the small spool blocks.  I decided to kit some up to take with me to Florida next week just in case we were in the house for extended periods due to the Hurricaine Issac.  Below is some of the blocks as I was cutting.

 I kitted them up into baggies of 10 blocks each.  I thought that would be easy to count as I finished and each baggie would be 10 completed blocks.  I've got 100 blocks kitted up as a start to this project.  These  blocks finish at 3 inches.  Cute...Cute....Cute!
Mom was feeling better today so she brought up her box of string blocks for me to square up for her.  We had read the pattern wrong and thought she had to make 200  4 1/2 inch string blocks, but she actually only needed 80.
 We used old phone book pages as her foundation.  I had cut the 200 pages 4 1/2 inches for her to use.
 They square up into some beautiful string blocks.  These are for another Bonnie Hunter quilt she is making.......and I thought she said she was not going to do anymore of those....hehe....think she is hooked.  Just glad to see her feeling better and back to sewing some.
Also started cutting out the pieces for the rest of the quilt for mom.  We had to cut out over 800 half square triangles for the quilt also.....grrrrrrr.  I am strongly considering one of those Accuquilt Studio things.  I think today put me into the "Yep that is the next purchase" modes.

Now to getting some more things packed up for our trip.  Hope you had some quilting time this weekend.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway.


Gene Black said...

Did you cut all of those triangles by hand???? Oh my. I would never do that. You should have bought here some thangles or triangle papers to make those.

SewWhatsNew said...

Amazing little blocks. It sounds like a fun quilt to make. Enjoy.

Shelia said...

Gene, Yes I did cut all of those by hand....grrrrr. so i'm ordering an accuquilt today!!