Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great Heart Cath Report

Mom was in emergency room Wednesday morning from 2 am for chest pain.  We did a heart cath and no new blockages, so no new stents.  Dr. San said great blood flow and very little plaque.  What an awesome praise report.  She is home today with me for a couple of days of "Shelia watching"  just to make sure she behaves herself.  This morning she is already in my quilting studio going through my scraps to use for her string quilt.  What a woman!
Our plans were to quilt today and tomorrow she could have just skipped all of the hospital shenannigans....hehe.  So proud things are better today.
Thanks for all of the e-mails checking to make sure I was still alive and kicking.  Been working tons of hours and taking care of friends and family.  Think I earned a few more gray hairs this week.
Will update on quilting progress this week.
Many blessings,

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