Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Look Back In Time

As quilters we often look back to our ancestors for inspiration in quilting projects.  This week while cleaning out some drawers I found two precious reminders of years gone by.  I purchased these two string pieced blocks at a small flea market Roger and I stopped at in Florida many years ago.  They were in a drawer with some of my quilting supplies.

At first glance they appear to be just any old string pieced blocks.  You can see the old fabrics used as the quilter attempted to save everything she could and make use of all she had.

But turn the block over and you will see why I was so drawn to the blocks.  This quilter used newspaper as her foundation for the string piecing.  And you can see the date of the newspaper....September 23, 1928 
You can also see on the back that she hand pieced the string blocks.

I just love these little glimpses of time gone by.

Happy quilting,


julieQ said...

OH, you just know I love these blocks! Be still my heart...hand pieced and strings and 1928!! So cool!

Mary said...

I can't imagine doing strings by hand. How wonderful to have those blocks with the paper still on.

Rose Best said...

Such a piece of history.