Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Bee

Tonight started off with a bang, we were able to get together for quilt bee tonight.  Sue, Suzanne, Susan, Debbie and myself.  Debbie brought some wonderful pizza and salad from Olive Garden, Sue brought some chocolate oatmeal homemade cookies and Suzanne made some wonderful triple chocolate brownies.  YUM YUM!
We always have a great time laughing and sewing when we get together.  Then my mom called to say Dad needed to go to the ER due to pain from trying to pass a kidney stones.  So off I go to meet them.  Here is Dad with his nurse Caren ( a wonderful nurse I work with in the ER)  Thanks Caren for taking wonderful care of my dad.
 This is Sue's quilt in the long arm.
 And you know you can't leave some people alone for too long before they start getting gitty!!  Some of my scraps found a new home on my design board while I was gone.  It was great to hear all the laughing when I returned.  I love this group and they truly are Family!
The girls stayed and kept working on their projects.   Suzanne squared up the secret quilt while I was gone so I could get the binding on, Sue put her beautiful Orion's star quilt in the longarm, Susan was cutting out applique pieces for her next project and Debbie was working on a client's quilt.  And Debbie brought more fabric for us to pour through....Yoohoo.

Dad got to go home and I was able to return to the group.  Then off to bed to work Saturday.
Happy Quilting Ya'll

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