Monday, April 4, 2011

Weight Loss Group

Left to right:  Lisa, Marcia, Tamara, Brian and Shelia.  We are now officially the weight loss group at work.  We all weighed in on Saturday morning to start off.  We are each putting in $20 per pay period into a pot.  The contest is for 12 weeks and we are using the formula for percentage of body weight lost to determine the winner.  At the end of the 12 weeks the person with the greatest percentage of weight loss will get the $600.  Yahoo!!

The weather is getting prettier now so hopefully I can get the bike out and start riding.  I could buy a lot of fabric with $600, or batting or whatever.....hehehehe.

I didn't have time this weekend with working to get the binding on the secret quilt, but I'll get it sewn on this week and hopefully completed with a label to give to the person next week.

Off to work......

Happy quilting,


Kerry said...

Go for it Sheila - I wish you all the best

michael said...

It is really fun to join a weight loss group because of the different activities you can participate while losing weight. I wish I could also win.

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