Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday this year was solem but how wonderful for dad to be spending Easter with his Lord and Savior.  We miss you dad.

Mom and I spent the day in the quilting studio less some time for lunch out at the picnic table.  What a beautiful day!

Below you see where mom was working on piecing the rows together of her Orca Bay mystery.
Next is the center of the top completed.  YIPPIE!!  She has worked so hard on this.  I truly think it has been a good thing to let her work through some "stuff".
 Here is mom just piecing her little heart out on her featherweight.  That thing sews like a dream.  And this quilt has sooooooooo many seams in it.  Her last mystery with Bonnie Hunter (Roll Roll Cotton Boll) had over 4,000 pieces, This one I think has a lot more, just don't know if I am up to counting all of those pieces yet.  Now on to piecing the borders.
 Ta dah!  The top is completed!!!!!  Wow mom you have done a wonderful job with this quilt.  Congratulations on another finish.
 See what I mean about all of those tiny pieces.......Looks great.  Yes those are my feet in the chair at the left.  I had to get into a chair to get the entire quilt in the picture.
 And mom with her newest quilt.
Had a wonderful day with mom quilting, I so enjoy our time together to quilt and glad to see her out again quilting.  Roger and I had a wonderful eveing together just relaxing and watching NCIS marathon. 

Happy Quilting,


Susan Perham said...

Gorgeous! Love to mom!

heartsease54 said...

Your Mom did a wonderful job on her Orca Bay, this one was more than I wanted to take on. Congratulations to her on such a great finish, her quilt is beautiful & it is so fantastic that the two of you can spend some quality time together.

Shelia said...

Thanks Ladies yes I am very glad that we can spend this time together. More precious memories being made.