Friday, April 27, 2012

A Precious Little Find

My precious husband is so sweet to keep me occupied and not dwelling on the events of the recent weeks. 

Yesterday afternoon he took me with him to run errands and we wound up at an antique shop to brouse around.  I found this tiny miniature quilt block that is framed. 

The block is called Judy's Star and is 1 1/2-inches finished!  It has 25 pieces in that one block.....OH MY!  I don't think I will be attempting this anytime I bought the piece!  The framed block is signed by the quilter Helen Coman.  To my wonderful suprise the  back of the framed block has a sheet with information about the quilter!  What a wonderful way to Label her quilt. 
Helen was certainly a dedicated quilter who wanted everyone to know who did the work and where she was from.  Now I know the history of this piece.  Smiles abound.  The little gentleman at the register was thrilled as I informed him how special this piece was.  He quickly flipped over the frame and began reading the history aloud to all those within ears reach.  Then he in awe flipped the piece back over and said "oh my look at those tiny pieces.....25 pieces in this little thing".  Oh yes he GOT IT!

Thanks Roger for this spirit lifter.  But in my sweet husband's way he was not done yet....we next went to a garden center to look for a water feature to put into my memory garden.  Wow this place had tons of different fountains.
We found lots of beautiful fountains and ideas here.  Just have to decide exactly where I want to put the garden.

But we didn't come home without something for the garden.
We bought this beautiful hanging basket and hung it on the shepard's hook by the birdbath.  Life is good.

Tonight we have our quilt bee.  Mom and I are looking forward to seeing the girls again.

Happy quilting,

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