Sunday, April 22, 2012


If you are squeemish with blood etc., then look no further today.  I was trying to cut some strips of fabric today and trying to get done to move on to other things when the slot in the ruler flexed just a tiny bit.......but with a rotary cutter moving fast a tiny bit can mean disaster.  A trip to the Emergency room was not on my list of to do things today!!
Not able to sew the piece back on so I will have a weird looking finger for a while. 
 Here I'm back home with the offending ruler.  Do  you know how many times you use your index finger.  I am a typist and use all of my fingers....not a pecker like my hubby types.  Going to look weird taking care of patients tomorrow too.  I'll sure be wearing a glove on this hand for a while.  That is also my IV feeling finger for veins......grrrrr.  Hope I don't have to stick any necks tomorrow.
The good news here is that I didn't get any blood on this beautiful batik fabric.....blood all over my table and floor, but none on the fabric.

I think I am just going to have Roger pop some popcorn and watch a more sewing for me today.

Hope you have a SAFE day quilting.


Debbie said... took a hunk off. no sewing for me either...broken humerus head, left side, broken nose, and concussed, it was not a great weekend.

julieQ said...

I am so very sorry...that looks like it smarts!! Youch! I don't see how you can do patient care for a while...

quilt happy said...

hope it heals soon. i know i would hate to not sew.